The Good the Bad and the Ugly.Can you trust food manufacturers?

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Can you trust Food Manufacturers ?

Are  you of the opinion that food manufacturers have your best interests at heart and would never never knowingly try to poison you? The Good the Bad and the Ugly is a title that I’m sorry to say, has a real element of truth to it. In 1981 Spain produced a cooking oil that killed 600 people and 24,613 others sustained serious harm. In Australia, on average, 120 people die each year from food poisoning and 5.4 million  Australians suffer from food poisoning attributed to contaminated foods. A food processing plant in Texas has been shut down after contaminated celery was linked to the deaths of four people. Read more: Read about film-maker Morgan Spurlock’s  documentary, “Super Size Me,” and his 30-day McDonald’s diet and subsequent health woes. Over the years the McDonalds chain has faced many claims of food poisoning. Did you know that many air fresheners use Ammonium Hydroxide or Ortho Phenylphenol  one can damage your eyes and cause serious permanent damage and the other causes cancer, bladder and liver damage. In the US, according to WebMD, every year in the United States, approximately 40,000 cases of salmonella food poisoning are reported. The above examples are just a small sample to illustrate my point, the list of these incidents is endless. 

Can you trust Food Manufacturers. Read this guide to preventing food poisoning click HERE

We sometimes think that raw foods much as salads and fruit are healthy for us, and yes that’s true, provided you have washed it well. Plastic bagged spinach and salads have been found to be a major cause of food poisoning. When handling food, ensure you wash your hands regularly ensure all foods are washed, in particular make sure your children do the same – they are the most vulnerable. Lastly, the bad and the ugly, the foods that pose the most danger to us are those that affect us over time. These includes highly processed and refined  foods that were never designed for our bodies. As a result, tens of thousands will have a high  risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer.


U.S. treating meat with ammonia, bleach and antibiotics to kill the ’24-hour sickness’

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Learn more: Now having read all the negative stuff and living in an imperfect world, let’s look at what’s good for you. Vegetables for starters – there are claims that people with cancer have been cured of the dreaded disease by eating Asparagus. I’m not a chemist or a Doctor, but if I had a form of cancer I would certainly be giving Asparagus a try after reading this article but like many of these claims, they are not proven. What is proven is that many forms of cancer and other diseases are caused by eating the wrong foods and lack of exercise that lead to obesity cancers heart and strokes whereby eating wholesome foods ie green vegetables like asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, orange vegetables, fruit like carrots and oranges, nuts and grains , leeks, onions and garlic. Fish, like sardines, salmon, herrings and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Can you trust food manufacturers? We want to as many good products available from trusted sources.

My recipe of the month Healthy Sweet Truffles

Truffles made with the healthiest ingredients


These truffles require no butter, no eggs, no added sugar Ingredients: makes 18-20 1 cup of dates 1 cup of Raisins 1/2 cut of Almond flower 2 Weet-bix 1/2 cup of Oats 1/2 cup of home made peanut butter (no salt) 1/2 cup of Walnuts 1 tps of vanilla essence 1/2 cut of coconut for coating 1/2 tps of cinnamon
Place the dates and raisins in a food processor with 1tbsp of water blend for 3 minutes, add vanilla, walnuts, weet-bix  and peanut butter, blend one minute, add all other ingredients, blend for a further 2-3 minutes until all ingredients are well mixed, take small handful and in the palm of your hands roll into ball, then roll over coconut, place on tray, place full batch in fridge for 1-2 hours to set. Many of the ingredients are interchangeable, depending on your likes and dislikes, including dipping them in melted chocolate
. note: Home made peanut butter consist of buying roasted unsalted peanuts, place in with a 1 tsp of olive oil 500g of peanuts blend in a jug type  blender
until it turns to a soft paste. 500g will make about 40 truffle balls.

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Simple SEO Technique For Every Day Use

Marinated chicken salad

Marinated chicken salad

Simple SEO Techniques

Most of my post are about food, in particular healthy food. In recent comments several people have been asking about how I do  aspects of my post. So especially for them and for those of you who are interested in  SEO related to building a post here goes. First let me tell you a little about myself, it helps because I can illustrate with a few links some of what I want to mention. I was born in a city in the South West of England called Plymouth, most famous for the home port of Sir Francis Drake a navel (pirate) Captain of Queen Elizabeth the first ship The Golden Hinde in the mid 1500′s.  Plymouth was for the most part an important navel base, particularly during World War 11. the Germans tried to bomb it, failed, but did flatten much of the city, killing 1172 of it’s people and injuring 4,448. During the 59 bombing raids, two main shopping centres and nearly every civic building were destroyed, along with 26 schools, eight cinemas and 41 churches. In total, 3,754 houses were destroyed with a further 18,398 seriously damaged. on one occasions a direct hit on a bomb shelter killed 72 people.  It wasn’t until the early 1960′s that much of the damaged buildings were completely demolished and the city rebuilt, that included the one and only sky scraper of 14 stories high called The Civic Centre.

Plymouth Civic Centre

Plymouth Civic Centre

The port (Devnport) is now in private hands and the glory days of employing 10,000 dockers no longer survives. the Navel base is still used for some submarine repairs and the Navel base of HMS.Drake renamed Her Majesty’s Naval Base, Devonport and  is  active. Let’s get back to add some SEO to this short article, starting at the beginning with healthy food. most of this site is about healthy food, so for SEO purposes I’m going to link the words healthy food to an article on this site relating to healthy foods. You can see the result by clicking on the words healthy foods   In each case where I used the same words I placed a different internal link relating to healthy foods, that gives the reader an interesting reading experience, and three internal links is deemed to be a good number, you can add more if you wish., the first I’ve linked to Wikipeda, not only is it a very high ranking site, but it also has excellent content relating to the subject, and Google wants you the reader to have a good experience when using it’s search engine. The next word is SEO , here we have used it 4 times and can find four different external links, known as anchor tags or anchor links. You are anchoring your article to an external web site. The next one, I’ve linked to a site with a Google ranking of 5 and places it at 1935 in the USA. The third one also has a page ranking of 5 ranks it at 805 in the world and has 23,936 bank links that add a remarkable about of juice for search engines to find. Lastly with a page rank of 6 places it at 305 in the world with 14,858 back links. does the  Analytics for any web site and is owned by Amazon One of the things you do not want to do, is to saturate your post with all very high ranking links. Google will see what your doing and might give you grief. Moving on

South West of England,

some say the most beautiful part of the UK (mostly by those who live there) here I’ve used a visitor site that has many photo’s and useful for the reader to see what the place looks like. The city of Plymouth, here again I’ve been able to use a high ranking site that belongs to the Plymouth City Council. who use it to promote the city. From a readers point of view this is reliable useful information, thus a good search engine experience. Next up is Sir Francis Drake, him we have massive amounts of sites, he was such an interesting character with many story printed about him and a number of high ranking site available, the one I used here has a page rank of 8.

Queen Elizabeth 1st

a queen who created great stability during her regime of 44 years and manage to keep the Spaniards at bay

World War 11

you can pick from thousands of sites as the subject is so big, I’ve just pick out one I thought interesting for my readers. The top image of a salad dish (very nice too) Has an alt text attached plus a link to the page it came from.

Plymouth Civic Centre

here I’ve included an image, click on it and it will take you to the site where the image came from. It’s very important to tell the search engine what the picture is about as they can’t see it, so you have to put in what is called Alt Text, in this case I’ve used Plymouth Civic Centre. In this article I made 22 links, 4 internal and 18 external anchor text links of high ranking plus two images with Alt test attached so the search engines can see them, plus links  to where they came from.

Word of advice,

don’t simply look for high ranking sites, go for quality content relating to your topic, as an example my blog is about food here’s a food site that has quality content  and other interesting items to grab your attention.Remember search engines know when your over doing the links and will penalize you for it. Final point, the headings you see in the lower section of this article have used what is known as header text, they are surrounded by a code that looks like this <h3>Word of advice</h3>  the main title of this post looks likes this <h1>Simple SEO technique For Every Day Use</h1> these symbols remain hidden for normal reading. Please leave a comment to agree, disagree or require more information. PS. I’ve used bold and Italic to make clear where the links are, normally you would use one or the other, not always both as it distracts the reader from the ease of reading. buying books go to

Best Recipes Healthy Foods

Best Recipes Healthy Foods

Save your self Time and link to these recipe, most are quick and easy to make and the best part is, they are good for you and your family. Best Recipes Healthy Foods is all about living a healthy lifestyle, that will help you to live longer.

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Best Healthiest Foods-With the Paleo Diet The Paleo guide is a must to read if you need the added advantage of avoiding diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and all other health issues relating to obesity, or if you simply want to diet the healthy way.
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