10 Best Diet Tips for a Healthy Body

10 Best Diet Tips for a Healthy Body

“We are what we eat” is a saying most of us would recognize and for the most part it is true.

However, our bodies also need movement, for the large part, apart from rest and sleeping, they were not designed to be stationery for hours at a time. Unfortunately, that is precisely what many of us tend to do.

When we were young we tended to be more active, sitting still wasn’t something we did except for short periods before we were off again. As children we saw life as too exciting to be sitting around and our constant movement was as natural as breathing. Today’s children, unfortunately, have things previous generations did not have, like endless fast food chains, processed foods plus X-Boxes, computers, all encompassing iphones, and more TV channels than they can count.

Put the fast foods and the x-boxes together and write history. By the time they have reached their teens many kids today are already showing signs of future obesity and diabetes.

loss weight

Loss weight

It’s true that as we age, most of us slow down.

However, those whose lifestyles incorporate regular sports and exercise and/or actively demanding jobs, are more likely to remain fit, slim and healthy for longer.

Whether we like it or not, once we pass 25 years of age, the signs of slowing down start to show themselves. It’s gradual at first, in fact many won’t even recognise the signs at first but by the time we reach about 40 years of age, the complaints begin – a few aches and pains after a heavy workout in the garden, the gym, moving furniture around the home, all things we used to take for granted in our younger fitter state.


What most of us do is keep on eating the same foods and portion sizes that we did when we were younger and more active. In fact, in many cases, as we age we eat more while no longer burning it off at the old ‘healthy me’ rate.

I think it’s fair to say we don’t all like exercise i.e. going to the gym, walking, running, cycling, weight lifting, swimming etc.

These are the ones who cry, ”Let me lose weight without  busting a boiler on the exercise trail.”

So here are my Ten Tips for a Healthy Body

1:  Create more movement. If you are in a sedentary job, periodically stop work and move your shoulders up and down a few times; lift your arms up high every half hour; stand up and twist your hips, shake your arms, create whatever kind of movement that suits your situation.

2. The food we eat plays a major part in managing our weight. For those used to larger meals, reduce the portion size. A serving of meat should be no larger than a person’s fist yet it’s common to see people eating three times that size. Slowly learn to reduce portion size.

3. We all periodically get hungry in between meals and one of the biggest weight gains can be through snacking. Instead of bread or biscuits, try eating raw carrot, or a few celery sticks, or some fruit; even a handful of almonds or walnuts.

4. We hear that fast foods are the evil that make us fat. Try cutting out the fries that come with many fast food combo meals – they have soaked up all the bad oils. But it’s okay to have a fast food meal once in awhile, just keep everything in moderation.

5. Canned foods have a fairly high level of sodium. Too much of that stuff is really bad for us. Sure they are quick and easy to dish up but so are frozen vegetables and meats – use them instead.

6. In the olden days vegetable were boiled till all goodness was gone. We know better today. Steam vegetables for only a few minutes and retain the full goodness of the minerals and vitamins they contain; eat lots of dark leafy greens.

7. It’s unfortunate that the marketing of soft drinks (soda) is so effective today that we almost believe they are good for us, whereas the truth is quite the opposite. They are, in fact, poisoning us over a period of time and because it is such a slow process that is the reason why it’s not made illegal.

Avoid drinks that have a unhealthy amount of sugar in them, like the plague. As well as adding weight, the experts say they are certain to add to the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

8. Some of the biggest weight gain foods are those highly processed packaged meals sold through the supermarkets. Research continues to confirm that highly processed foods, using unhealthy corn oils, sugar, salts and chemical additives, create a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity and Alzheimers disease.

These foods affect the activity of cholesterol in our bodies and increase the chance of free radicals damaging our brain, impeding our memory, and our overall quality of life.

9. We are made up of over 70% water. We need the stuff; our liver, kidneys and brain need a steady supply to refresh, rejuvenate and cleanse. Water really is one of the best weight reducing, healthy foods we can take. It’s what keeps us alive.

10. Lastly a balance is needed between Protein and Carbohydrate intake. With the US population this is said to be way out of balance and is increasing the instances of obesity and diabetes.

So to maintain a healthy body – do regular exercise, drink lots of water, avoid too much processed food and limit bread, sugar, pasta, potato, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, etc in your diet.

Everything in moderation, Your welcome to comment and give your opinion,  author Mikessdesk

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