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Interview with Barbara Villemez

Today we welcome Barbara Villemez, author of Dreaming Dark.

Good Morning Barbara, and welcome to the creatinglifestyle blog.

Q. Perhaps we can start by hearing a little about yourself, where you come from, what you do.

A. I’ve had a lot of different experiences. As a military brat growing up I’ve been in a lot of different countries. I’m a psychotherapists, clinical hypnotherapist and, recently, a university instructor.
I’m also credentialed as a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher. My private practice was in Dallas where I held workshops for women’s empowerment as well as lecturing at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Q. So you have moved away from Dallas. Where are you now?

A. I’m now living in New Mexico and devoting my time to writing.

Q. I gather you are currently writing a series. Can you give us some background to these novels

A. Dreaming Dark  is the first in a trilogy. I have finished the second novel, Dark Whisper, which takes place in the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming.

Q. And what are you currently working on?

A. I’ve started on the third of the trilogy, which takes place on the Navajo reservation, northern New Mexico, and I’m rewriting a workbook and tape set that I published in Dallas for my female patients and am now creating it as a book with lots of updates. Fifty Female and Fabulous: A Holistic Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships has more spirituality then the original and I’ve had fun writing it. I hope to have that out as an ebook this month.

Q. Perhaps you can now tell our readers a little about Dreaming Dark .

A. The story takes place in Minoan Crete in the 1550’s BCE and in present day Dallas with both stories running concurrently. Cate O’Connor, psychologist, has clairvoyant dreams of events past and present but she keeps this ability secret. She meets Mitch Stafford, paranormal investigator, at his book signing when she visits Barnes and Noble to look for books on dream analysis. The attraction is immediate and a love affair begins, the pair discovering a familiarity with each other. Cate then begins to have disorienting flashbacks to a ancient time and Mitch thinks she is experiencing visions of a previous life. The story builds as she is stalked and a patient, her maid and then her ex-boyfriend are all murdered.

Each chapter is followed with the story of Kyra, a young girl captured by slave traders from a coastal village on the Anatolian coast. Kyra is sold to a priest on the island of Crete. Groomed to be a priestess she falls in love with the guard, Panos, something which is forbidden. Their story ends tragically when Thera (Santorini) erupts causing a massive earthquake and tsunami, devastating Knossos on the island. Cate is kidnapped by the killer and the ending is exciting. In the epilogue the two stories are pulled together to the amazement of  homicide detective, Mike O’Meara.

Q. That sounds an exciting must-read, where can our readers find your book and your own profile to learn more about you.

A. My book can be found at  and my profile at

Thank you Barbara for taking time out to giving our readers this opportunity to meet you. It only leaves me now to wish you every success with your books and future writing.

Mike Smith
Ebook promoter at

Social Media-Facebook v Google+ v twitter

The last few years have seen a marked increase in the use of Social Media on the internet through the use of computers, ipads, iphones  and  every other form of hand-held communication device available in today’s market place.

The companies involved are constantly competing for a bigger and better share by updating software, providing the best service possible (although some don’t always get this right) and benefit-adding.

For example, Facebook started out much like Flicker. It was a place to show off photos and text comments. But it wasn’t long before businesses started to hop in on the act and the creation of fan pages came into being. Twitter followed with a totally new approach that brought world events into our lives in the space of minutes of them happening.

Like facebook, fan pages, and twitter, it’s the numbers that count and it wasn’t long before tweetAdder came along, allowing members to automatically add others to their twitter list, while automatically adding a number of other functions. These features made it possible for members to add tens of thousands to their lists, giving them the power to communicate with thousands  all over the world.

We are now seeing instances where high court judges are forbidding media to broadcast certain information, only to have twitter and other social media freely spreading the forbidden word. Not much goes on in the world today that does not get noticed somewhere. RSS feeds are another example of information spreading across the globe within minutes of a major happening.

Is it good or bad? William Shakespeare (1564-1660) created the lasting quotation, `Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’  Does this mean that one man’s thoughts will be the same as another’s?

We all have our own opinions as to whether something is good or bad for the world to hear about or  not hear about. That will never be resolved. We are individuals and, as such, have a right to our opinions so long as we don’t insist on forcing them on others.

I have joined a number of Social Media sites including Facebook’s fan page at ,  Twitter@mikesdesk and google+

I believe google+ will take off in a big way. After all, google will have watched and  learned from the mistakes of other social media sites. Google+ is not too dissimilar from Facebook and I prefer their rules over facebook’s but that may all change as the competition hots up.

Blogging can be fun – it’s one of the best ways of freely making known your opinions on world events. My main rules are to avoid getting personal or disrespectful. It’s a great medium so use it and express yourself freely; don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts, and keep in mind that democracy is the proven best way; nothing can compare with freedom of speech so let’s  fight to keep it that way.

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