Day: March 31, 2012

Living without glasses

A Review of Vision Without Glasses

If you’re searching for a way to improve your vision without the use of surgery, which can be both harmful and expensive, then Vision Without Glasses program was made for you. Not only with this program show you how to avoid experimental surgeries to cure or stop the progression of a variety of eye ailments, such as glaucoma and near-sightedness, but it will also explain how you can improve your eyesight without depending on the use of glasses of contact lenses. Therefore, it is a truly revolutionary approach to achieving eye health naturally and by using techniques that are easy and straightforward.

The philosophy behind Vision Without Glasses was created by Dr. W.H. Bates around the turn of the last century. Dr. Bates believed that our dependency upon glasses actually hindered our vision rather than help it, and he developed a series of techniques which improved the way our eyes functioned and aided in the cure of several common eye ailments. Using methods such cupping, which is the placing of one’s hands over their eyes to remove outside stimuli, and relaxation exercises, Dr. Bates helped a number of those who suffered from eye conditions to alleviate or rid themselves of associated symptoms.

The reason that the Vision Without Glasses program has helped so many is that it employs Dr. Bates’ unique and beneficial techniques, and has taken into account that, for many of those who have less than perfect vision, prescriptive lenses act as a sort of crutch. Thus, your eyes do not train themselves to see more clearly and with more focus, as they rely too heavily upon the glasses an contact lenses themselves. Research has even been done into the effects of prescriptive lenses upon the eye, and it found that, in certain cases, wearing glasses over time will destroy your vision.

To understand the reasoning behind the Vision Without Glasses program, one must grasp that a majority of us are born with perfect 20/20 vision. It is only through modern day technologies and pollutants, as well as our lifestyles and diets, that our vision becomes altered or damaged. For instance, the glare of a computer screen or television set can affect your eye’s ability to function properly, and, over time, can lead to numerous eye conditions. Also, your diet greatly affects the health of your eye.

Vision Without Glasses is a revolutionary new way to revitalize and renew your eyesight, without the use of possibly harmful surgeries or prescriptive lenses. It assists your vision naturally, so that you can see clearly without worrying about the possible side effects that some other treatments may cause. Visits Vision Without Glasses to find out how this program can make a difference in your life. it’s all about creating the life style you want.

Weight loss 2012

Healthy Living – Weight Loss
Weight loss, or rather weight adjustment, can be a major contributor towards healthy living and, by creating lifestyle adjustments to help fine tune physical and mental health, you can enhance your lifestyle. This activity can have an effect greater than the small efforts required to implement it.

The Elements of Healthy Living
Everything you do – what you eat and drink, how you spend your time, all combines to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. What you do daily; working, recreation, everything in fact, contributes to not only your physical well-being but your inner mental balance, ever so important in building and maintaining a happy lifestyle.Click Here!

If you are mentally healthy, confident, or happy, it will reflect in the way your body behaves. If you are physically fit and healthy, your mental attitude should reflect this. Body and mind are one, different aspects of the whole, they affect each other and are in turn effected by your life style.

Lifestyle face lifts are not the angle of approach; rather they are peripheral and will happen as a result. Simply aim at improving your physical body and/or your mental attitude. It won’t take a lot, just the fact you are actually working on enhancing and seeking improvement will snowball and inadvertently create that life style lift.

Weight Optimization is an Important part of Healthy Living
Weight optimization is not just about weight loss. In fact there are some less common instances, which will require weight gain rather than loss. Weight adjustment is a twofold process, especially when thought of in context with healthy living. The exercise factor is at least as important as the dietary one, sometimes even more so.

Your lifestyle fitness is indeed important, but adjustments can easily be made if there are problem factors with any of its elements. Enhance your body’s health with just a few minutes of specific exercise once a day, no need for a lifestyle coach, just target body areas you think need toning and strengthening.

By reading up on this (online you will find plenty to read) you can discover a variety of techniques to aid you. By all means be keen and zealous in these applications but slip into new things gradually. Best to do tiny amounts for a few days, increasing gradually until an effective regime of conditioning begins to produce positive results. Revel in it.

It Takes so Little and Yet Every Little Bit Helps
If you already feel you have a contented lifestyle, don’t alter it. Obviously the positive feelings you have about your lifestyle are a plus worth keeping. So you don’t need to refer to a lifestyle magazine at all, but fine adjustments in what you do could see an improvement in your health.

We are in an age of information. Never has so much knowledge been available to so many, so easily. Make use of this knowledge to finely tune your diet, your exercise regime, and so healthily adjust your weight, your fitness, your confidence and your attitude. It takes so little yet gives so much.

Whether you are one of those energetic people who rush around, doing everything for everyone, or are more relaxed and laid back, it isn’t that important. People are different. Don’t force yourself into a lifestyle mold too square or too round for you. Be aware of how you react to stimuli, if it’s not a problem go with it, smile at your own foibles.

A big step on the road to healthy living is to know yourself.Click Here! to accept what you do and to see and really understand your faults as well as your positive aspects. No real need to rush off and try creating lifestyle changes; rather keep the lifestyle you are comfortable with and if you would like some form of change, try adjusting bit by bit, just a little at a time. This lifestyle blog is all about creating the lifestyle you want.

Introduction to Creating Life Style

My firm personal belief is that most people want things to be better than they are, in some way.

Some people dream of a lifestyle of wealth and all that it can bring; others want a simpler way of life without the stress of life in the mainstream. Some folk are creative,  some are content; a few are leaders and there are those who love their work while yet others hate it. So many simply put up with what life has thrown at them, marking time until they are old enough to collect their pension or some miracle occurs that enables them to live another way.

For some, their perspective has been molded by how they were raised and another percentage of the population are trapped in ruts they or others have created and have no idea how to get out of.

Fifteen years ago I wrote an article that showed how, in our minds, we are trapped inside a bubble. A person’s bubble is the world they live in. They can’t get out of their bubble into another better one because they are stuck, they are in a rut and they don’t know how to climb out.

History has shown us that our world can and does change. Unfortunately, too many times we have change forced upon us by illness, redundancy, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, war, accidents, to name just a few.

So how can we take over control of our own lives. How can we free ourselves from the situations and circumstances that hold us down?

Recently I read a book by Donald Trump. The title was `Think Big and Kick Ass.’ In the book he states, “It is good to think big. You will not get anywhere unless you create big dreams.”

So the first item on your agenda should be to have a dream and, believe me, you won’t get it watching TV for hours on end. That will only serve as a creativity killer. Try reading books instead – books that will inspire you and feed the creative side of your brain, teach you things.

Many great people have passed through this life leaving behind them a legacy for us to follow and take advantage of. They may have written books; created videos; spoken at seminars, inspiring us to dream and do great things. These are people from a wide cross section of our world and come from many different angles such as Mother Theresa, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Bob Gass, Joyce Brothers, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, and even Princess Diana who didn’t write books or make tapes but, like Mother Theresa, spoke through her actions with love.

What is your dream?

Far too many people simply don’t know. They don’t have a dream, or not one that they can believe in. They are like ships sailing out of harbour with no captain at the helm;  ending up wherever the wind takes them.

`Okay,’ you may ask, `How do I dream? How can I steer my own ship?’

Before I go into the first 10 ways of creating your own lifestyle the way you want it, let me tell you a little of my background.

When I left school at 15 years of age I was dyslexic, lacked self-esteem, and had no confidence. While I hated school I did have one teacher who taught geography and he inspired me to travel. Thanks to him and the many hundreds of folk I have met throughout my life, the education I missed has been replaced by life experience. Since a young age, I have been fortunate to have traveled around the globe many times and visited dozens of countries. I have read many inspiring books, attended countless seminars and lectures and, for the greater part of my life, I have run my own business.

In creating this lifestyle blog I have used my own life experiences as well as what I have observed from others, past and present. I hope you wil find some benefit in what I have discovered along the way.

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