Day: December 13, 2012

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 Creating Lifestyle

Creating Lifestyle is all about finding and developing ideas on how to make our lifestyle interesting and satisfying. Recently  we launched three e-books or, as I prefer to call them, booklets as they are a short  form book.

The first was ‘How to Write something interesting’ by Amelie Rose. This booklet offers advice and ideas for those wishing to write something readable from scratch with no previous experience but without bogging the reader/writer down with too many technical aspects of writing and grammar.

E-book How to write something interesting

Next was ‘How to Find a Hobby and make Money’

How to find a hobby and make money

written by Mike C Smith. If you want to fill those spare hours outside of your income-earning activities with something relaxing and enjoyable, the ideas in this booklet will give you some pointers on how to go about finding what suits you. You may even develop a passion for your hobby, finding that it is even capable of providing a part-time income stream. In some cases hobbies have also been known to become a person’s full-time income earner, perhaps the best way to earn your income as it is so enjoyable.

The latest book is ‘How to succeed on a shoestring.‘ This is an ideas book on ways

How to succeed on a shoestring

to find success without it costing heaps to get there. I proved this by developing an off-line  business with less than a hundred dollars at start-up and the same can apply with the internet. You can spend thousands of dollars making a web site, doing SEO’s, graphic design and so on, or you can learn to do most of it yourself and outsource what you are unable to do, but finding the cheaper source.

All three books are available from Amazon. To get to them click the links on the left sidebar.

Creating Lifestyle…

is all about turning things around. Perhaps you feel you’re in a rut and want to make changes but are not sure how to go about it or maybe you are unemployed and want to recreate yourself as a person with confidence and ability.

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I guess most of us would like to change things to suit the lifestyle we want. Sometimes things beyond our control are slowing or stopping us; maybe family members or friends are weighing you down with their demands.
Creating your very own unique lifestyle does still mean that the normal rules for society apply. You still have comply with what the government has put in place, the law having been created for the good of all.

Let’s look at what we want from a perfect lifestyle.

Money is important for most.
Love because we all want to be loved and admired for what we do.
Security and peace because we really don’t want war and violence or to have someone enter our home and do us harm.
Shelter and home, we all need a place we can call home, somewhere we can find rest, peace, love and security.
Health and fitness are necessary for a comfortable lifestyle – we need to be in good health and so much the better if we keep ourselves in good physical condition.
Have I missed anything? What is the most important thing to you?

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