Day: January 4, 2013

Creating a lifestyle of Giving in 2013

Creating a lifestyle of Giving in 2013

We humans are funny creatures – we allow others to control our minds and our thoughts and even our world. Often, instead of thinking for ourselves, we allow the pack to rule.

Let me give you a few examples so you can see where I’m coming from.

Two years ago a riot took place in London, England. During this time people ran riot, looting shops and businesses and all hell broke loose. Some looters were people who should have set examples. One was a teacher, another, an ambassador for the forthcoming Olympic Games. These people, supposedly good citizens, threw decency and conformity out the window and ran with the mob. They allowed others to control their basic sub-human drive.

In the news today was the story of a young father involved in a boating accident where three of his friends died. People blamed him; he became depressed and hung himself, leaving behind a young family. The mob mentality got to him.

Hitler lead something similar. He stirred up hatred and brought evil to his leadership. As a result, millions of Jews, Russian soldiers, gypsies and disabled people were murdered. The mob ruled and the sub-human will take over.

Here we are at the beginning of year 2013. Have we changed over the last few hundred years during a time of considerable forward movement in technology and industry? Are we any more civilized than our ancestors? Read the news – mainly made up of murder, rape, financial cons and scams. Whatever part of the world you live in, can you say, “That couldn’t happen here.” Honestly?

It need not be this way. I believe the majority of people are good but the problem is that they don’t speak up enough. They sit back and comment to each other about the state of the family, the country, the world, but say and do little or nothing out loud where it can really be heard and felt. It’s cosier to debate the state of the nation in the office canteen, or over a meal with friends, or at the golf club, so we congratulate ourselves that we’ve had our say – and apathy reigns.

We can create our own separatelifestyles, whatever that entails for each person, but with this right comes responsibility. We are still a part of the suburb, the town, the country, so it’s our duty as much as the next person’s to do what we can to make sure that good outweighs bad in the neighbourhood and, subsequently, in the wider picture.

I urge people to create a lifestyle they enjoy, but that does not justify the development of selfish, self-seeking attitudes. These won’t bring any kind of lasting satisfaction and all the money in the world won’t guarantee fool-proof happiness.

It’s a fact that some of the world’s richest people are also very miserable. But it doesn’t always follow. Many other wealthy people are happy and, if you look closer, you will probably find these happy souls are, by nature, the world’s ‘givers.’ A closer inspection will usually show that they are truly grateful for what they believe they have been `given’ and, subsequently, what they are able to give.

True happiness is not just about having loads of money. Sure, if you don’t have much, some more will give you a short-term boost. But true happiness is an inside thing –  it’s being grateful for what you have, no matter how little or much; it’s in having family and friends to love; helping your neighbour; enjoying your work and getting on with those you work with; leisure time, good health, an excitement for life. It’s about helping others and having a kind heart and a listening ear; liking yourself, encouraging and supporting where it’s needed. That’s lifestyle. Strive for it and the rewards will follow naturally.

The point – don’t make the mistake of running with the pack. Be the person you want to be and live the lifestyle you aspire to, But, remember – being a giver is always and way better than being a receiver.

May 2013 be a good year for you.

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