Day: January 10, 2013

A Stress Remedy

Stress Remedy

All of us experience some level of stress, we need it to survive. However, too much can harm us so we need to stop the stress before it takes over and becomes a big problem.

Throughout history, man has searched for ways to find that elusive thing called inner peace. Unfortunately, in so many cases, drugs and alcohol have taken the place of more healthy and enlightening remedies such as various forms of meditation and exercise. A more extreme remedy might be to convert to Buddhism and go and live in a cave high up in the Himalayas.

All of the above, good and bad, will work momentarily, but drugs damage the brain, sometimes  irreversibly and alcohol, if not taken in moderation, is as bad if not worse. Drugs and alcohol can lead to violence,  drunk driving causing accidents, liver damage and death so any inner peace they might give will be very short-lived. A short-term fix from drugs and alcohol excess is just not worth the lifelong problems they are likely to cause.

Meditation is helpful but far too few use it, it’s far quicker to pop a pill or crack open a bottle. In fact, the time it takes to meditate effectively is not long, so those who say it is too time-consuming are fooling themselves. There is often the other excuse that finding somewhere peaceful to practice meditation is difficult. What about your own private bedroom? Put a lock and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door if there’s a problem with being interrupted.

Racing off to live in a cave high in the Himalayas could actually be your best choice. Lots of people are going on retreats into the mountains where they might not even be permitted to speak for a week. In the mountains you are closer to heaven, so God’s probably not too far away. The downside is, it’s cold up there, plus the food is toned down and there’s no company, or at least company you can speak to. As a popular choice we will probably have to rule that one out.

What options does that leave?

Well, here you are lucky because I have an answer for you.

Remember what I said in ?

Think of your mind being like a computer and you need a software security upgrade to tune it for the right results.

This is a FREE software upgrade to your mind, so what have you to lose? But before I tell you, let me mention that like a computer, which fills up with rubbish and needs defragging from time to time to get things in order, your brain is the same.

It has been allowed to become stressed and, like the computer, it’s full of rubbish and does take a bit of cleaning up.

So when you put this plan into action, DON’T give up in the first day or two, stay with it and you will cut your stress levels considerably and be a happier person as a result.

By the way, if you are smoking heavily or taking drugs and/or alcohol in any kind of excess, expect these activities to hinder your progress. Perhaps leave them alone while you try to bring your stress under control. You probably won’t even want to go back to them.

Just to give you some background, here’s a quote or two to get you thinking right.

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once said, “A man becomes what he thinks about all day long.”
And Proverbs 23-7a says: “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Back in 1957 Earl Nightingale recorded `The Strangest Secret,’ for his staff. A particularly pertinent quote says, “We become what we think about.” In other words, whatever we allow into our minds is what makes us what we become. Just like your computer – put rubbish in and that’s what you will get out; put good things in and get good things out.

What it all boils down to is the need to develop the right kind of thinking and guarding your mind to stop rubbish from entering in the first place.

Now how do you go about right thinking?

One sure way is to practice certain words in your mind and this is something you can do any time day or night. These are stress-reducing words and are no secret; they have been around since the English language began.

Let these words become a habit with you – the results can be life-changing. Here are a few:
Thank you; I love You; I am blessed; I am so grateful; I love my family; I am so lucky.

There are others but these are enough for now. One of the most powerful is `I am truly grateful for…’

If you stop to think of all the things in life you should be grateful for, you will need a day to write them all down.

You can see that these words are positive in every way and will, with practice, cut  the stressful thoughts that clutter and bother your mind.

Develop your own lifestyle and have a very good day

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