Month: February 2013

How to Do it-creating the lifestyle

Some days you wonder if you’re going to make it
and others you think maybe you are just wasting time – you should chuck it and do something else. Then something happens that makes it all worthwhile.
I like writing ‘How to’ books; they are an interest I thrive on (that’s the creative side of my brain working in creating the lifestyle I want).

When I was in my teens and early twenties I was definitely a lot more creative than I am today. Then I was full of ideas but lacked the money and guidance to take them further.

Today I look at how can I best help others; maybe some of those young ones, full of ideas and nowhere to take them so I think perhaps I could write a book on ‘How to turn your ideas into riches’ or, ‘ how to make millions.’ The list can be endless but you get the idea.

We live in an age of turmoil; nothing is certain any more, values have changed, technology is advancing quicker than we can think; social media with its maze of different directions and intricacies can add stress to our lives and divert us from where we really should be going.

For those of us to whom ideas flow generously; we should use them, they are gifts from heaven. But you say, “How can I when I lack the resources and guidance? “

Well, let me tell you there is a way; for that matter, several ways. You just need to step out of the box and look at your ideas from a different perspective. Analyse your ideas; start breaking them down into bite size bits. Think of each one as a stairway. You can’t jump up 24 steps at once (unless you’re Superman) but you can still reach the top by taking one, or sometimes two steps, at a time.

Try writing down the details/perspective of each step as you see it and if some steps elude you, leave them and go on to others that you can work on. You can always come back later to the ones you have missed.

When I first started to write ‘amazon’, it took weeks to write yet it’s only a short book. But I still needed to do the steps. One was `what is my objective?’ Well, I figured there are loads of people both young and older who don’t have the money to suddenly create a business, so I tailored the book around the word ‘shoestring;’ meaning funds are tight, keep it cheap, don’t get carried away with the expenses.

Then I thought, how long should the book be? I remembered all the books I have read. So many of them contained dozens of needless pages that were just annoying because I quickly saw them for what they were – unnecessary padding, so the buyer thought they were getting their money’s worth. So I figured I should keep this book short and to the point; don’t bore the reader.

Then there was the question of how much to charge for it? Bear in mind that the title ‘How to Succeed on a Shoestring,’ by its very nature, should have an affordable price tag so I kept the price low.

The next question to consider was, `What is the best way to market this book?’

`How to Succeed on a Shoestring’ is an inexpensive e-book at only 99 cents, so money for marketing is just not in my thinking? And it is here that social media ie facebook,twitter pinterest and others comes in but, because this type of marketing is FREE, you do have to put time into it.

When it came to designing the cover, the process was quite simple. Another tip – I went to fiverr found a designer who would do it for $5 or $10 and, hey presto! In no time the book had a cover.

Writing one e-book at how to succeed on a shoestring at 99 cents is hardly going to turn into a money tree but look at the objective; it was not written to help me make money; the idea was to provide tips and ideas for people who don’t have a cache of money to get themselves started.

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