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Creating Life style

is a resource for people of all ages who are looking for guidance when it comes to what foods to eat to live a longer, healthier life.

Founded by blogger Mike Smith, CreatingLifestyle.com exists for people who battle things like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. For those of you interested in living a healthy lifestyle, or, better yet, recreating your lifestyle, this site offers information, advice and products to help you on your journey to a healthier life.

God Zone (New Zealand) 

New Zealand

New Zealand

Mike lives in New Zealand and is a world traveler. On his travels, he noticed more and more people these days are overweight. He did some research and found that by the year 2020 about 50% of the American population will have diabetes. He also noticed that retirees, unemployed people, and other groups were having a hard time making ends meet, and wanted to offer encouragement and hope to those in need..

Deciding to help people recreate their lifestyle, Mike runs CreatingLifestyle.com in order to help people make healthy choices through the food they eat and the attitude of mind.

Chicken & Prawn Alekio

Chicken & Prawn Alekio
ready for the oven

On about me, you’ll find delicious recipes for everyday healthy meals. In fact, you’ll want to try Chicken & Prawn Alekio, Mike’s own creation that gets rave reviews from his dinner guests who enjoy it immensely!

You’ll also discover “super foods” like healthy blueberries, and find out which foods to avoid. Topics like high blood pressure, cholesterol, saturated fat, and childhood obesity are explored, as well.

The better informed a person is about living a healthy lifestyle, the better choices they can make regarding the foods they eat. If you want to lose weight, gain energy and feel more attractive, it’s time to recreate your lifestyle, and this site is here to help you do it!

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  • Nancy


    Hope everything is going well in your life!

    I’m Nancy and am a freelancer. During searching I found your blog http://creatinglifestyle.com/ very interesting.
    The writer in me is yearning to contribute a piece for your blog, maybe around 400-500 words, or whatever you are okay with.
    I will feel very happy to write for your blog.
    Awaiting your positive response.


  • w.m

    goo job..keep it up Mike..
    Best Regards from Malaysia.

  • Hello Mike,

    I work for the cookware brand ProCook and I was wondering if there is an email address I could reach you at regarding a campaign we will be launching next month?



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