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Cooking for fun, Recipe “Chicken & Prawn Alekio”

Chicken & Prawn Alekio is my own creation and my guests have enjoyed it immensely. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Ingredients: serves 4-5

4 halves of skinless chicken breast
250 grams of fresh prawns

Fresh vegetable

Peppers & Leeks4 coloured peppers (capsicum)



4-5 large potatoes
100 g blue cheese
150 g cheddar cheese
100 g frozen mixed vegetables
2 tbsp best mayonnaise
2 tbsp fresh cream
4 small leeks or 1 large one
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp butter
2 small tomatoes
salt & pepper to taste
1 cup of milk
2 tbsp flour
Pinch Cumin

Pre heat oven at 180c  Place 1 tbsp of Olive oil in frying pan, roll chicken breast in 1 tbsp

sliced chicken,blue cheese,oil & tomato

flour, place in frying pan turn over after five minutes, add chopped up tomatoes cook a further five minutes and remove from stove, place chicken on plate to cool.While cooking the chicken cut peppers in strips as in photo and with a little oil place in casserole dish place in oven and bake for fifteen minutes, remove from oven take peppers out of dish. Using the same casserole dish with its juices from the peppers, cut the chicken  into slices and place in dish as in photo,place thin slices of blue cheese over chicken and spoon the oil and tomato from the frying pan over the cheese and chicken.

Chicken,source, and grated cheese

Chicken, sauce, grated cheese

Cut Leeks into slices place in boiling water cook for 15 minutes and drain.
To make source melt the butter in pan add flour as you mix add milk, keep it fairly thick add salt and pepper, prawns, cumin and leeks. Pour over chicken, sprinkle grated cheese over source and place peppers over top. Put casserole dish aside.

topping of peppers

Topping of peppers

Dish ready for final baking (note this dish can be prepared any time during the day and only requires 20 to 30 minutes at 180c to finish baking)

The last stage is the stuffed jacket potatoes. Bake or microwave until soft, let cool and scoop potatoes into large bowl, mash potato, add mixed vegetable, mayonnaise, salt,pepper, and cream, mix well and spoon fill potato jackets, sprinkle grated cheese over top and bake with main dish for 20-30 minute at 180c

Stuffed jacket potatoes

Stuffed jacket potatoes

Chicken & Prawn Alekio is a mouth-watering dish – try it yourself and watch for more creations from this Creating lifestyle blog.

Happy Cooking!

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