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Dry Eye Causes

Dry Eye Causes

Confronting dry eye syndrome

Are you frustrated or uncomfortable because of dry eye causes? You aren’t alone. Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common ocular ailments in the world, but it’s natural and even recommended to pay attention to new or unusual symptoms. Your dry eyes might become so bothersome that you immediately say to yourself, “I need to see my eye dr.” That might prove to be necessary, but have you taken the time to learn more about dry eye causes?

Eye health is a delicate balance.

While they’re strong enough to perceive the world for you every day, your eyes are also fragile organs that must be protected if they’re to function properly. Beneath your eyelid is a combination of oil, mucus and water, and dry eye syndrome is a telltale sign that this balance has been disturbed. You might find relief in an over-the-counter dry eye medication that gives you an artificial boost of moisture, but you should also take a look at the many dry eyes causes that could be leading to your discomfort.

Are you giving your eyes a hard time?

Look at your eyes with your own critical inner eye. Are they really getting the care they need and deserve? Consider your daily habits and hygiene. Are you sleeping face-down on an allergenic pillow every night? If you’re a cosmetic wearer, do you remove all traces of makeup before bed? Make easy changes first; it only takes a matter of days to turn a new behavior into a good habit.

Next, examine your stress level. Are you overworked or fatigued? Do you spend hours in front of a computer on a daily basis? Working for extended periods without a break can actually trick your eyes into blinking less frequently than they should, reducing your tear production and making your eyes dry, red and scratchy.

Your eyes are what you eat.

If you’re careful about stress management and you follow good skin and eye hygiene, evaluate your diet. Poor diet is one of the top dry eye causes in the book, but it’s one of the easiest to correct. You can’t go overboard on vegetables rich in vitamin A; these foods are beneficial on so many other levels that it’s almost impossible to overdo them. Equally recommended are foods rich in healthy fats. You may also notice a marked improvement in your digestion, skin, hair and energy levels.

Consider using the comforts of home.

If you’re able to check each of these obvious boxes but are still experiencing problems, there are a few interesting home remedies that have proven effective for many dry eye sufferers, often using the most basic of household staples. Try warming a raw potato in the microwave, and place the potato over your closed eye. Covering your eye with a potato might sound like a strange and roundabout approach, but the warmth can cause the glands in your lid to loosen, helping your eyes produce their necessary natural oils. As should always be the case with any eye remedy, never use a cloth or other material that’s actually hot. Excess heat can burn and damage your eyes; opt for comfortable warmth instead.

Don’t dismiss the long-term implications of dry eyes.

If your Dry eye make you only nominally uncomfortable, you might be tempted to dismiss your own body’s internal communications. Stress can lead to hypertension, heart attack and substance abuse, and dry eyes can eventually lead to negative side effects of their own if left ignored. Sustained dry eye syndrome can result in inflammation, eye infections and permanent scars on the eyes’ lenses. Dry eyes can cause blurred vision and eye pain, and you may feel even more exhausted and overwhelmed as a result. These latter complaints might not have fatal implications, but they’ll still impair your enjoyment of life.

Do your eyes a favor.

Some dry eye sufferers ultimately rely on regular dry eye medication or surgery in extreme cases, but you might not necessarily belong to this group. If you’ve asked an expert’s advice but are still complaining to yourself, “I visited my eye dr to no avail,” don’t assume it’s your lot to accept a second-rate quality of life. Pay closer attention to these common dry eyes causes, and review your lifestyle for areas where you can make positive changes.

Your eyes should perceive your life, not run your life. There’s no doubt that you need them, but there’s even less doubt that they need you. Give them the nutrients, rest and good habits they deserve, and they’ll continue to perform like the amazing feats of design they are.

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