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The Benefits of Combining Honey Cinnamon and Turmeric

Honey Cinnamon and Turmerci

Honey Cinnamon and Turmerci

Honey Cinnamon and Turmeric

Recently I was reading an article about a university study in the UK about Parkinsons disease; they had been looking at the benefits of using cinnamon to reduce the shaking effect on people with this debilitating disease. No, I don’t have Parkinsons, but I have inherited shaky hands from my mother’s side of the family.
With that in mind, I went out and bought a cinnamon supplement but was a bit taken aback at the price of nearly a dollar per capsule.

Combining for Taste
I used the month’s supply and in the first week my hands had become steadier. I encouraged my elderly Mother to try cinnamon but unfortunately, it had little effect on her shakiness.
After my month’s supply was used up I didn’t buy any more and, within a few weeks, the shakiness started to return. The cost was a put off but I knew I needed to be back on them and then someone mentioned taking it with honey. Since I also wanted to take turmeric supplement, I decided to combine it with the cinnamon and honey and use it as a spread on toast or crumpets. I have to tell you I love the taste, for me the benefits of combining honey cinnamon and turmeric works perfectly .

Turmeric and cinnamon, like many other herbs and spices, do have side effects. For instance, pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid taking them as a supplement as it may harm the child. Diabetics should first check with their health professional.



The Power of Herbs

The benefits of turmeric have long been known and yet many are not proven by medical researchers. I guess the big pharmaceutical companies that fund these researchers don’t need to prove a product that they have no control over, since turmeric and cinnamon are freely available in the supermarkets.

Turmeric has been used in India and South Asia for hundreds of years. As well as using it in their cuisine to create color and flavor, it is also used as an antioxidant; helps to get rid of  free radicals that cause so many health problems; helps flush toxins out of the body and some researchers say it helps to stop the occurrence of cancer and it contains anti-inflammatory abilities, which help many health issues like arthritis, tissue sprains and healing open wounds.
These benefits make it well worthwhile including turmeric in this spread.

Read this article from the Huffington Post talking about the latest research on turmeric.

Cinnamon has long been an additive to enhance sweetness; helps lower LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels; is considered to have  anti-clotting  properties and may help with brain development.

Tip: When buying cinnamon, look for Ceylonese cinnamon, it’s considered healthier than the cinnamon from China or Asia.

For more information on Cinnamon click HERE

My recipe

The mix I make suits me, you may need to adjust the amounts. My recipe uses liquid honey, Ceylon cinnamon and Turmeric – 2 tbsp of honey to 2 tsp of cinnamon to 1 tsp of turmeric. Mix together and store in a jar. Should keep for several weeks in your pantry, no need to for refrigeration.

I have found this combination of  honey, cinnamon and turmeric beneficial to my well being. It’s an easy and inexpensive way of of taking these spices and I write only what I really believe in.

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As with many foods, excessive amounts can be harmful so always take in moderation and if you have any related health issues or concerns, check with your professional first.

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly.Can you trust food manufacturers?

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Can you trust Food Manufacturers ?

Are  you of the opinion that food manufacturers have your best interests at heart and would never never knowingly try to poison you? The Good the Bad and the Ugly is a title that I’m sorry to say, has a real element of truth to it. In 1981 Spain produced a cooking oil that killed 600 people and 24,613 others sustained serious harm. In Australia, on average, 120 people die each year from food poisoning and 5.4 million  Australians suffer from food poisoning attributed to contaminated foods. A food processing plant in Texas has been shut down after contaminated celery was linked to the deaths of four people. Read more: Read about film-maker Morgan Spurlock’s  documentary, “Super Size Me,” and his 30-day McDonald’s diet and subsequent health woes. Over the years the McDonalds chain has faced many claims of food poisoning. Did you know that many air fresheners use Ammonium Hydroxide or Ortho Phenylphenol  one can damage your eyes and cause serious permanent damage and the other causes cancer, bladder and liver damage. In the US, according to WebMD, every year in the United States, approximately 40,000 cases of salmonella food poisoning are reported. The above examples are just a small sample to illustrate my point, the list of these incidents is endless. 

Can you trust Food Manufacturers. Read this guide to preventing food poisoning click HERE

We sometimes think that raw foods much as salads and fruit are healthy for us, and yes that’s true, provided you have washed it well. Plastic bagged spinach and salads have been found to be a major cause of food poisoning. When handling food, ensure you wash your hands regularly ensure all foods are washed, in particular make sure your children do the same – they are the most vulnerable. Lastly, the bad and the ugly, the foods that pose the most danger to us are those that affect us over time. These includes highly processed and refined  foods that were never designed for our bodies. As a result, tens of thousands will have a high  risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer.


U.S. treating meat with ammonia, bleach and antibiotics to kill the ’24-hour sickness’

Saturday, March 29, 2014 by: S. D. Wells Tags: meat processingantibioticsammonia

Learn more: Now having read all the negative stuff and living in an imperfect world, let’s look at what’s good for you. Vegetables for starters – there are claims that people with cancer have been cured of the dreaded disease by eating Asparagus. I’m not a chemist or a Doctor, but if I had a form of cancer I would certainly be giving Asparagus a try after reading this article but like many of these claims, they are not proven. What is proven is that many forms of cancer and other diseases are caused by eating the wrong foods and lack of exercise that lead to obesity cancers heart and strokes whereby eating wholesome foods ie green vegetables like asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, orange vegetables, fruit like carrots and oranges, nuts and grains , leeks, onions and garlic. Fish, like sardines, salmon, herrings and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Can you trust food manufacturers? We want to as many good products available from trusted sources.

My recipe of the month Healthy Sweet Truffles

Truffles made with the healthiest ingredients


These truffles require no butter, no eggs, no added sugar Ingredients: makes 18-20 1 cup of dates 1 cup of Raisins 1/2 cut of Almond flower 2 Weet-bix 1/2 cup of Oats 1/2 cup of home made peanut butter (no salt) 1/2 cup of Walnuts 1 tps of vanilla essence 1/2 cut of coconut for coating 1/2 tps of cinnamon
Place the dates and raisins in a food processor with 1tbsp of water blend for 3 minutes, add vanilla, walnuts, weet-bix  and peanut butter, blend one minute, add all other ingredients, blend for a further 2-3 minutes until all ingredients are well mixed, take small handful and in the palm of your hands roll into ball, then roll over coconut, place on tray, place full batch in fridge for 1-2 hours to set. Many of the ingredients are interchangeable, depending on your likes and dislikes, including dipping them in melted chocolate
. note: Home made peanut butter consist of buying roasted unsalted peanuts, place in with a 1 tsp of olive oil 500g of peanuts blend in a jug type  blender
until it turns to a soft paste. 500g will make about 40 truffle balls.

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Sugar the Silent Killer

Sugar – The Silent Killer

We have all heard the word `attitude’ bandied about many times over the last few years in particular. It’s a word used by motivators, employers, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and me – and probably you!

Human beings are a funny lot – unlike sheep who follow the leader, human beings tend to wander off in all directions, often looking for THE LEADER. Many want to be the leader; all have their own values and agendas; most get it wrong a number of times.  No one is always right – we only have to look at the food industry to realize that.

Right now it’s the food industry I want to warn you about. You might think they have your interest at heart and that your well-being is their number one objective. Unfortunately if that is what you think then you probably have your head stuck in the sand.

The Food Industry is like any other business – the objective is simply to make profit and as much as possible.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe strongly in free enterprise but unfortunately much of the processed food you find on the supermarket shelves is, quite simply, poisoning you, albeit over a long term. A little like in the 16th and 17th centuries women would take small amounts of arsenic to tighten their facial skin, not realizing that it was slowly, and eventually painfully, killing them.

Sugar the silent killer

Sugar the silent killer

Today’s major poison is without any doubt, SUGAR. In its refined stage it is in nearly every packaged food and soft drink that you buy. The trouble is, the human body cannot cope with all that sugar and, over time, begins to deteriorate, to break down. The pancreas, try as it might, is unable to take the punishment that a constant use of sugar bombards it with. In the end, it gives up and when it does, diabetes occurs and the individual is on insulin for the rest of their life.

But there is more – the side effects of diabetes and insulin can include blindness, loss of limbs – or parts of and illness becomes the norm and life becomes difficult beyond imagining – all started by constant use of sugar.

That is only part of it. Sugar turns to fat if the body does not burn it up and that fat can increase cholesterol levels, often leading to blockage of the arteries, heart attacks and strokes and, wait for it, weight gain – lots of it which, in turn, leads to bone joints having to carry more weight than they are designed for. Then, guess what, the disease cripples the individual and they become dependent on family, medical, and the Welfare  State.

So do the food manufactures then come asking if they can help? Without litigation, I doubt it.

What really happens is that the sugar manufacturers’ lobby congress to turn a blind eye and not make too many waves and, unfortunately, congress often complies.

Obese Men

Obese Men

Soon, very soon in fact, people are going to wake up and realize that half the population has diabetes 2 and are sickly and require the State to look after them. That is when Congress will realize that it can’t afford to look after 150,000,000 people with diabetes.

I’m reminded of a book I read many years ago that told of the future and when people reached 60 years of age, all medications were cut off. So off they went and died. The author must have had a crystal ball because what’s the next step when the numbers become too great to cope with? I could certainly take a guess.

If it’s any comfort though, this is not just an American problem. Obesity in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and many other countries is growing and governments are starting to realize that a major disaster is heading in their direction. Unfortunately they, like the general public, have an ATTITUDE problem. They believe they have it under control – it won’t happen here, we’re okay, our obesity rate can be controlled. People here don’t consume more than three pounds of sugar a month. We’ll be right.

Soft drinks alone account for a whopping 33%, table sugar 25% and the rest is in breakfast cereals, desserts, ice cream, candy, and fruit drinks cover 10%.

Yes, we do eat all that sugar and, yes, it will cost us our health and even our lives.

e-book on healthy cooking

How to cook

But with the right ATTITUDE we can save ourselves from this horror – it may not be too late. Start by reading about healthy foods, there are literally hundreds of books on the subject. My own is titled, How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes’.  I designed the recipes and wrote the book after a visit to the UK and seeing so much obesity, often in quite young people. Also, I was overweight and desperately wanted to do something constructive about it.

When my ATTITUDE changed so did my weight.

We need to be aware that SUGAR is just as addictive as cigarettes, alcohol and social drugs. And like these, SUGAR is as much a killer.

Parents, give your children a chance to lead healthy lifestyles. Feed them wholesome foods, leave the package rubbish and soft drinks on the supermarket shelves and do yourself a favor – Live healthy live longer.



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