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Time For The Spring Cleaning Of Your Organism

Detox Your Body for Better Health

Spring is the right time to get rid of toxins that have built up in your organism during the winter. The detox treatment is necessary to cleanse your body and skin. Although it is maybe to improbable to expect that all bad things in your will be eradicated at least you will take care of yourself during this process, and here are a few expert advises how to achieve that.

The most important thing is that you need to take care of what you eat and your lifestyle, and the treatments can contribute to cleaning your organism from toxins. (more…)

Eat Healthy Foods and Lose Weight


Eating Healthy Foods = Weight loss when desired

Eating healthy foods is a no-brainer, yet statistics clearly show the increase of obesity resulting in subsequent increases in heart disease, diabetes, strokes and a huge array of cancers. Make no mistake, these are the direct result of years of eating unhealthy foods plus eating more than we can burn up. Americans in particular are well known for the consumption of extra large portions and their population has one of the world’s biggest obesity problems.

What are the unhealthy foods

Sugar the silent killer

Sugar the silent killer

Unhealthy foods are those that are highly refined package products found in abundance in our supermarkets. They include desserts, pies, ready made meals, buns, cakes, processed cheeses, margarine and butter and many more. Products made with white flour, breakfast sugar coated cereals, soft drinks (excluding diet drinks), corn oil, excessive use of salt, to name a few. Of them all, Sugar is by far the worst. It’s in over 70% of supermarket food items, including very high levels in most soft drinks

Healthy foods

Best Salad for healthy living

Best Salad for healthy living

Healthy foods can be frozen or fresh vegetables, raw fresh fruit, fish, olive oil, avocado oil, nuts, herbs, spices, filtered water, to name a tiny few. Eating unhealthy food as opposed to wholesome healthy foods, can be largely blamed on parents failing to teach their children by not providing a good healthy diet and allowing so much sugar in their food. However, in fairness to the  parents – schools, governments, and food manufacturers have to take much of the blame for the levels of obesity-related diseases in our society today. Schools for failing to control the foods that are eaten in school grounds and for not educating the youngest of the children; Governments for failing to bring in legislation controlling levels of sugar, salt and corn oil in foods; and manufacturers for failing to use healthier alternatives to the ingredients they use.  

How to lose weight

As already mentioned,  over-eat and you will get fat. Weight affects not only how you look but, all too often, how long you will live and, most importantly, the quality of your life. The way to lose weight is simple – eat less calories/kilos/joules than you burn up in energy. Try eating off a smaller plate than normal and avoid all those bad foods mentioned above; eat lots of greens and colored vegetables, fish, chicken (without skin) and cut back on potatoes; avoid white bread, eat no more than two slices of multi-grain bread per day, eat a minimum of cheese, avoid cream, drink lots of water. Read my book.

e-book on Healthy Meals

Recipes designed to for the dieter

How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes is only $3.50 from amazon its full of recipes that can be cooked in very quickly, they taste great (my own formulated  recipes) the best part is most of these recipes are designed to reduce weight and for the busy working Mum who after a hard days work, still wants to create something tasty and quick for the family. The recipes focus on providing the very best balanced meal for the whole family, whether your dieting or wanting healthy meals for your family, How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes is a good choice. Food and what you eat is only one part of any weight lose program, to stay healthy requires some form of exercise, many people of course get this in their normal days work, they burn calories as they go about their day. but for all those office workers lies the problem of consuming too many calories and simply not burning them up. You have several choices, go to the gym, buy some gym equipment for home use, walk or jog for 30 minutes each day or my favorite the 7 minute work out  What I like about this program is, most likely like you I simply don’t have the time or the inclination to go to the gym or to be honest I find working on gym equipment to be terribly boring, but the 7 minute workout  is right for me, seven minutes of varied high intensity I can put up with, and best of all see on the scales the results of my efforts If you agree or disagree with this article your comment are welcomed.

Healthy Food Lose Weight

Healthy food, Healthy living,Cooking healthy foods

This morning  I had my post op clearance for an operation I had last month to clear a blocked carotid artery. In the waiting room was an overweight mother feeding a one year old baby some junk food. The thought crossed my mind about this child’s chance of being overweight by the time it was old enough to attend school and its potential to develop diabetes as a result.

Best Salad

Best Salad

Part of my mission statement is

“to promote healthy foods for healthy bodies”.

Before I changed professions from an active managerial role in the building industry to an online researcher of healthy foods and healthy lifestyle, I thought I was in control of my body. How very wrong I was. Back then I ate junk food on the run- particular weaknesses being potato crisps and,  between meals, sweet biscuits. The weight, of course, went on and health problems developed, including stress and finally diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Fortunately, I came across an international health study being conducted by the  medical departments of universities in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Since being involved in that study, which is to last three years, I am no longer pre-diabetic and have reduced my weight by 13 kg. My maintenance diet is now high protein with a controlled exercise regime that will cut my weight further.

Smoke Salmon

Smoke Salmon

Eating that junk food took its toll. The blocked  artery, over weight and becoming pre-diabetic ( stage one of becoming true diabetic) was not looking good for a healthy future had I continued along the same path.

The main purpose of this blog is to show people a way to a better lifestyle by warning of the dangers of certain foods and the benefits of good wholesome healthy foods with moderate regular exercise. Because I enjoy cooking I have taken it a stage further by developing recipes that not only taste great but have many health benefits.

My first cookbook was called How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes and it is available on Amazon as a download to your computer or Kindle device. Also you can find healthy foods that taste great on pages of these sites:  Cooking Healthy meals for the Family  Cooking Wonderful Food  10 Healthiest Foods

Vegetable Pie

Vegetable Pie

Over the coming weeks I shall introduce you to some of my own recipes that are favorites of mine for both taste and good healthy eating.


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