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The Very Best of Salads-Healthy Sea Food Salad

Creating Tasty Foods

I have loads of fun creating new dishes, some not so successful but occasionally I hit the jackpot, and with this sea food salad, it was pay dirt. The combination of the ingredients created a taste that I (may be biased) consider to be the best tasting salad I’ve ever made.

It’s not one you will find in a restaurant, probably to time consuming or too many ingredients, but if you want taste you have to do this one for your next lot of luncheon guests. (more…)

Energy Producers Made Easy-Ten Natural Ways to Feel More Energized

Energy Producers Made Easy-Ten Natural Ways to Feel More Energized


When looking for a health remedy, natural is always best. Producing more inner strength and vigor to attack the demands of daily life is no exception. So says the infographic “Ten Natural Ways to Feel More Energized.” A list of tried-and-true steps, the program is sound and sensible. It is not a plan for the moment, but a life-long pursuit. Take it seriously and with commitment. There is nothing to buy and nothing to risk. Everything is at hand and readily available for the asking.

Performing the ten steps is your personal agenda of action. A boost in strength and stamina is your benefit. In any order, dig in and dwell on the truth. Eat a good breakfast, even if you are always on the go. Stay fit and vital as a result. Getting a good sleep can only help. Eat right and often; eschew fat, carbs, and candy. Embrace whole grains and nuts for snacks: keep lots of water handy. For that extra zest, try aromatherapy to awaken the senses and heighten mental acuity. Exercise often and enjoy plenty of fresh air. Finally, it never hurts to laugh and do so often. A well-rounded person is a happy and contented person, with energy and gumption to spare.

The infographic is by health blogger, Elliot Notweare, who writes regularly on AGC.

5 Ways to Never Get Diabetes-Keeping Diabetes at Bay

Avoid the Diabetes Threat

Ways to Never get Diabetes

Diabetes can be a serious threat to your health. It has numerous cumulative effects. It can be treated and managed, and more importantly, avoided altogether. The infographic “5 Ways to Never get Diabetes” is your colorful guide to eliminating the impending monster. In a few easy steps, you can keep it at permanent bay. It is more than a matter of avoiding sweets. Instead, start by relaxing more and stressing less. This will keep blood sugar levels in good control. Practicing yoga, talking a walk, and/or meditating can keep you calm and collected. Make sure to set aside a day of rest (such as Sundays) to clear your mind and body.

Exercising is not a contradiction in terms in the program. There is a time and place for getting energized and toned. Furthermore, your body will utilize more insulin for effective blood sugar functioning. Meanwhile, plenty of coffee goes a long way in the diabetes fray. Studies show that the minerals and antioxidants it contains help absorb sugar. And going vegan can only benefit. Red meat, bacon, and hot dogs increase the risk of the disease, particularly in women. Finally, a good night’s sleep completes the regimen recommended. There is nothing better for reducing the odds of developing diabetes and lowering blood pressure. All in all, the infographic is a simple compendium of constructive advice that is medically sound and psychologically compelling. Follow it daily to win the battle without delay.

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