Diabetes Eyes and Diet

Diabetes Eyes and diet

Diabetes Eyes and diet

Diabetes Eyes and Diet

Aging is believed to have a negative effect on the body. As we age the amount of new cells generated, decreases and our bodies begin to deteriorate. We don’t like it and most of us would like to slow the aging process, but accept it as inevitable – something we cannot control. Yet the good news is; we can slow it down..

As an example, let’s focus on the eyes. Tens of thousands of people over 50 years of age find their vision deteriorating – the 20/20 vision we took for granted in our youth is no longer and we find ourselves needing glasses to read or do any other kind of close work.


Young and not so wise

When we were young we weren’t aware that if we allowed ourselves to put on weight, we risked damage to our internal organs. Suddenly, the early onset of  diabetes is a possibility, which in turn affects our eyesight as well as other parts of our anatomy.Diabetes eyes and diet comes into play, so much to consider.

One of the main worries for diabetes is contracting diabetic retinopathy. This affects the seeing part at the back of the eye; it’s the most common cause of blindness and can affect people of any age, young or old.

Fortunately early detection of diabetes can halt many of the problems associated with the disease so it’s important to seek professional advice about any eye concerns.


Why I started’ Eye Care blog

I started this particular blog after being diagnosed with Glaucoma. My optician first picked it up when checking the pressure of my eye and noticed that it had increased since my last visit. She arranged an appointment for me to see a private specialist (meaning I pay). The first visit was $750 and several more visits followed. I was prescribed Lumigan, an eye drop to be used every night. That was over four years ago.

About three years ago at my last appointment with the specialist, I complained that my right eye was seeing distortions of straight lines, a kink in other words. My specialist only dealt with the eyes and it turned out that this problem was a blockage of a vein at the back of the eye, referred to as Macular degeneration, a common problem in people over 60. The specialist referred me to a public eye hospital.

Fortunately we have a great public health system and general hospital treatments are, for the most part, free. Unfortunately the referral went astray and it was nine months before I got an appointment, by which time the damage had advanced and was harder to treat.

Still, the hospital specialist decided to inject the eye to try and reduce the swelling of the blocked vein.

After this appointment I was to return to the hospital for a further check-up to see if the swelling had decreased. It was found to have improved slightly and the specialist wanted me to have another injection to help it improve further.

However, in the meantime, a further complication arose. On three occasions I lost the sight in my good eye. Only for a few seconds each time but it was enough for the specialist to wonder if I’d had a mini stroke, possibly from blockage of an artery in the neck. I have since had a scan and an operation to remove the blockage in my neck.

If you had read my healthy eating lifestyle blog at http://creatinglifestyle.com you might have read where I mentioned I was bordering on diabetes and that it was a wakeup call for me to change my lifestyle to one of eating the right foods and taking proper care of my health.


Three Year Diet Study

Three years ago I was handed the opportunity to participate in an international university medical study of 2500 people in six countries around the world.

What was initially required was a test to prove I don’t have diabetes. However, my blood sugar level indicated that I possibly could have, given the right circumstances.

My blood sugar level was slightly high, showing there was a possibility that I might become diabetic. That result made me a candidate for the three year study that the universities are running.

.The first phase saw me losing 8% of my body weight in 8 weeks (I could do with losing some more weight).

Phase 2 is the maintenance period and takes up the balance of the three years. Will help with avoiding diabetes eye and diet problems.

The general concept aims to prove that by following a certain lifestyle and sticking to one of the two diets that the trial is based on, that diabetes can be averted and should show which of the two diets is the most effective..

I’ll keep you posted on progress

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