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Most of my life I’ve enjoyed the creative art of cooking, trying new things, new combinations. Many of those in past times have not been the healthiest meals, I did meals and put together recipes just like any other person. Today I know better, that came about as a result of my doctor telling me that I was bordering on diabetes, what a wake up call that was.

First thing I did was to study and research everything I could find on diabetes, cures on how to reverse diabetes, heart foods, brain foods and generally food good for the over all body.

I experimented with recipes and meals over many months without using salt or sugar and have only recently found success in achieving my goal.

In my first e-book ‘How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes’ I offer recipes for breakfast, midday and evening dinner meals. These meals are based on eating foods that will give you more energy throughout the day, they will lower your blood sugar levels and give you an over-all feeling of well-being.

The aim of this site  is to give you information for creating a better lifestyle, through the foods you eat.

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  • Very inspirational, that is true that at times we do not know what we are up to till when we face problems in life. However many thanks for your time writing up this brief inspirational message.

  • Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.

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