My eyes are not working together

My eyes are not working together

My Mother at 94 years of age

My Mum at 91 years


For a few weeks, my eyes were not working together. I try to focus on things with both  eyes but the right eye seems like its crosses over some of the times. When I try to observe things like reading on the computer or reading a book, only my left eye seems to be working fine and the right eye pupil turns inwards. That is the reason I usually see a blurry image focused by the right eye. Seeing blurry and double images make everything confusing for me, I can’t interpret what is actually happening around me. Sometimes I try to align both the eyes together but fail from time to time .

My Mother had a series of eye injections while in her eighties. Fortunately they worked and today at 94 years old she can still read books, one of her greatest pleasures along with cross word puzzles .

They say that eyes are the biggest gift that we as living creatures are blessed with. Eyes help us see this beautiful world, people and the exquisite sites that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. But what if, this best gift of eyes becomes the biggest nightmare of one’s life.


What’s Wrong

The fact that my eyes are not working together makes me feel uncertain and I couldn’t understand what to do to stop it. There is however one thing that I’ve’ve tried and succeeded, that is when I cover my right eye with my hand or a cloth, my left eye seems to be working perfectly well and same is true in case of right eye as well. It definitely means that both my eyes are perfectly well, but then what’s wrong?

In order to find my answers, I consulted an ophthalmologist after mustering a lot of strength. The doctor conducted a detailed examination of my eyes involving many tests like corneal light reflex, retinal exam and visual activity. To my surprise he also conducted a few brain and neurological tests as well. He told me that the reason why my eyes are not working together is because I am suffering from strabismus. It is a vision related ailment in which both the eyes don’t line up together and don’t look at the same subject at one time.


Looking for a Solution

There can be many causes of this problem but it is usually present in children at the time of birth. However adults like me can develop this vision related ailment due to many factors such as diabetes, botulism, stroke, Guillain-Barre syndrome, injuries to brain and its surrounding muscles etc. Honestly I have no idea about what caused this weird disease to me but I am desperately looking for its solutions. Exercise may help.

My ophthalmologist suggested me to do some exercises in order to make my weaker eye muscles better. He told me to place a patch on my left eye i.e. the one having better vision, so that my right eye could work harder to focus on things. According to the doctor, it’ll make the muscles of my right eye stronger and the nerves would be able to communicate properly with the brain as well. He even suggested me to wear glasses.

However I’d like to know more elaborated reasons for why my eyes are not working together and even about the best treatments possible. All suggestions are welcome

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