Food and Exercises for the Eyes


Food and Exercise for the eyes

Food and Exercise for the eyes

Food and Exercises for the Eyes

Easy on your eyes


It’s often said that eyes are windows on the world. You’d probably never be satisfied living in a home where the windows were perpetually dusty, dirty or streaked. Why would you put up with a similar mess in your body’s own windowpanes?Few things are more important than your vision. Your eyes are a crucial means of processing information and perceiving the world around you. They’re so in sync with your brain that you probably take them for granted, but that could be your first mistake when it comes to maintaining good eye health. Check out a few facts and tips for keeping your eyes in shape, and learn more about identifying the causes of many common vision problems.Slow down.

Does your vision grow blurry toward the end of the day? Do your eyes become achy or dry when you’ve spent too much time gazing at a computer screen? Take a look at your regular activities, and ask yourself if you’re overworking your eyes. Stress is a leading cause of many everyday eye complaints, but the demands you place on your body are within your control.

Take an occasional break; the computer will still be there when you get back. Go for a short walk, spend a few calm minutes engaged in another activity, or save unfinished work for later. Inundating your eyes with lubricating drops isn’t a long-term solution; weary, stressed eyes will only make you feel more tired and overwhelmed.

Next, ask yourself what’s in your line of vision. Is it a mountain of work, a sink packed with dirty dishes or a stack of overdue bills? If you’re constantly looking at objects that aggravate you, your eyes will react to the negative stimuli. These things will also be there when you return; walk away for a moment and look at something that brings you joy.

Remember that your eyes are what you eat and drink.

If you’re not satisfied with your eyes’ output, look inward at your own input. What are you feeding your body? There’s no overestimating the impact of your diet on your vision. For best results, choose foods rich in C, A, E and B vitamins. If you’ve been ignoring nutrition, regain balance with a diet packed with leafy greens and fresh fruits.

Dehydration is another common enemy of healthy vision. You’re more likely to ignore hydration when you’re overdoing things mentally and physically. Do yourself a favor and drink a glass of water or two, and you may notice a surprising reversal.

Have your moment in the sun.

Your body needs sunlight, and so do your eyes. Head outside for a few minutes of daylight; safe sun exposure actually stimulates eye exercise by causing natural contraction and dilation of your pupils. Use good judgment, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Give your eyes a workout.

You might work exercise into your regular routine, but are you including your eyes in the bargain? If you’re already following a well-balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting adequate rest and sunlight, try a few simple exercises that can strengthen your eyes over time. Try placing both palms of your hands over your eyes, blocking light entirely. Continue blocking outside light for around five minutes, and your strained eyes should begin to relax with regular repetition.

For another easy eye exercise, try holding your index finger to the end of your nose, and focus your eyes on your finger. Take your finger away with a slow, deliberate movement, continuing to fix your gaze on the finger as it moves. Follow with ten repetitions.

Enjoy a life in living color.

The eyes are fascinating, complex parts of the human body, but their delicate balance can be damaged by abuse. If problems persist in spite of regular eye exercise and a well-balanced diet, consult an eye care professional. The good news is that you might not have to go to the trouble or expense of a doctor’s visit or corrective eyewear to enjoy improved vision.

If your eyes aren’t being good to you, ask yourself if you’re being good to them. It’s never wise to ignore physical symptoms that might require professional medical help, but with regular attention to holistic health and stress-minimizing habits, you might see many of your vision problems vanish before your eyes.

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