Food that Fasten Aging by Gift David

food that fasten aging

food that fasten aging

Food that Fasten Aging

Before we delve into food that fasten Aging, lets know what aging is all about and why we get Aged?
Aging can be seen as the inability of the human Organs to function at it best due to damage of the cell and tissues, there by affecting ones appearance.


1) Bad eating habits
2) Excess Smoking
3) Consuming too much alcohol


1) Aging makes the muscles shrinks and loss mass
2) The heat would not be able to propel much blood faster to the body.
3) Food conversion get slower than normal, giving room for obesity.

It’s important for people to know what they eat by choosing the right food.
Poor eating habit affect human health as well as the skin, this alone can make one look older than its age.
The skin is a very important part of the human body. The layers on our skin are coated with natural oil that protects it from dryness and wrinkles. Also, the skin contain a particular protein called “collagen” that keeps it firm and elastic it is necessary to avoid skin aging foods such as (1) Sugar dessert,
(2) processed food etc

Good fruits hides the sugar laden dessert

Good fruits hides the sugar laden dessert


1. Sugar Dessert: High sugar intake increase enzymes that destroy the collagen, as a result of the ineffectiveness of the collagen, other tissues in the skin become damage.

2. Any vegetable Oil, Cotton Seed Oil or Corn Oil. Most times undergo a refining process and the use of chemical whereby leaving you with oil that is saturated fats that damage the cell membranes.
Possible Solution,
A complete avoidance of the above name oil should be taken into consideration or Healthy oil, such as virgin Coconut oil and Avocado oil should be taken.

3. Cured Meat:- Bacon and Hot dogs contain High level of preservative called “nitrates”.
Nitrate is bad for human consumption because its being converted to nitrite in the body which latter give birth to the chemical that cause cancer and is known as nitrosamines.
Possible Solution:
Eat nitrate – free Organ Meat.

4. Excess Consumption of Alcohol, such as Spirit, Whisky, Vodka etc.
This excess alcohol destroys the Liver and the Heart. It therefore leads to heart failure and high blood pressure.
Occasional consumption of at least a glass of red wine (5 ounce) can be of help to the body.

5. Processed food: Both refined grain and pasteurized dairy no longer has its original nutritional value due to the addition of some chemicals, for easier production and storage.
The left over nutrient in this product is ineffective and is equivalent to that of sugar in the body system.
The chemical effect contributes to aging and cancer disease.


A. Engage in moderate physical activities such as walking or swimming.

B. Maintaining a healthy diet habit, eat vegetables, fruits and high – fiber foods
Example of green leafy vegetables is spinach, Beet greens. They contain powerful nutrients that prevent cancer also nutrient that protect the eyes.
These vegetables are powerful anti-Oxidants that fight against pre-mature aging.
After taking all these preventive measure, one can be rest assured that he or she is protected against aging and it related disease.

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