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Nothing beats growing your own vegetables

In my part of the world spring is soon to be upon us, and this season I bought my first greenhouse

my greenhouse

New season new greenhouse

If you have some spare area for a Vega garden, make the most use out of it by growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce pumpkins, sweet corn, it all helps towards cooking healthy meals.

The most economical way of growing your own vegetables is from seeds. I find that with careful handling you can get three or four crops from one packet of seeds, whereas buying six young seedlings will cost you the same as one packet containing twenty to thirty seeds.

It’s generally the spring and summer that we give the most attention to our gardens and with careful thought as to what you will use most of, plant accordingly.

Since we have loads of salads in the summer I tend to focus on growing tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, sweet corn, watermelons and vegetable that store well like pumpkins, butternuts, late summer you will find me growing broccoli, eggplant and peppers plus a few other crop if I’ve the space.

I’m not a fan of insecticides/ pesticides and for the most part I don’t need them. The one that’s always a problem is the white butterfly, I call these ‘Cabbage White’ as they are white and love cabbages, kale and broccoli and will lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves and once active will soon strip the plants bare. But by interspersing with Garlic, Onions, Sage or Mint you will keep them at bay, make sure the mint is in a plant pot as their root systems will takes over.

10 day old lettuce seedlings

Lettuce seedlings

One other pest is the slug or snail, particularly when it’s wet, one tip I got off another site was to place a small container or a saucer will do, place a solution of 50% water 50% stale beer, apparently it’s to die for! Literally!

This past season vegetable garden was very successful; my only problem was lack of space to grow them. I partly overcame this by using black plastic garden bags and filling them to about 18 inch with good compost soil, in these I grew potatoes, runner beans, beetroot and butternuts.

The season was so good that I managed to grow three crops of sweet corn; I did this by planting a dozen seedlings every 5-6 weeks, giving me a near continuous crop of the sweetest corn throughout the long summer.

Another project I did to overcome the shortage of garden space was to build  an oblong boxed garden, I had an old very long plank  that I cut up, joined together and filled with 18 bags of compost. Man did those crops grow in that mix,

Part of my garden is on a slope covered mostly with brush like plants on this slope I dug several pits, filled with compost and placed butternut seedling in them, harvested about 18 butternut of a good size.

new tomato seedlings

10 day old tomato seedlings

Gardening is very rewarding, it gives you a boost when visitors see your crops or taste the very food you grow.

Make good use of lawn clippings and raw food waste by recycling it, the garden will love you for it.

Sometimes you have failures and you just got to accept and learn from them, mine was trying to grow egg plants too late in the season.

To speed up your tomato plants stake them early, it encourages growth, always ensure they are well watered, but not soaked. Same with cucumbers, both plants will keep growing either up or along a string line, just as long as they and the fruit are well supported.

Runner beans are best grown on a frame of sorts; some growers will make a wigwam frame others may choose an oblong frame of about 2m high and as long as available space and material.

One of the main advantages of growing your own, is you know what’s in them, make it Good health natural foods, it’s the better way to live


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