Health & Wellbeing: Post 1 – Fish Oil Omega 3

Salmon tastes great and it’s so good for you with Omega3 oil

In this the first post on a  series on health, we look at where you can find the best source of Fish Oil,  cod liver and the benefits of Omega 3

Fish Oil has long been recorded as a food that aids the fight against depression, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity etc. It is also good brain food. Recent studies show it as a help for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers by reducing pain and assisting in preventing the start of dementia. The study showed those suffering from depression experienced greater stability from mood swings, thus improving the lifestyle.

Research has also proven that Fish Oil helps combat the Dry Eyes Syndrome, helping to improve over all eye health.

Now, if you are thinking, `That’s for me,’ don’t go rushing off to the health food shop spending a truck load of money buying up all their supplies of Omega3 capsules or pills. Certainly this is a good source if your body needs Omega3 but a regular diet of fish, say twice a week, particularly tuna and salmon, will give you your weekly requirement of Omega 3 supplement.

N.B. Pregnant woman should read this link before eating Tuna and shellfish and always, always, when changing your diet, check in with your doctor first. The information provided in this lifestyle blog is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an a qualified medical practitioner

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