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Dieting the Healthy Way

The Paleo guide  is a must to read if you need the added advantage of avoiding diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and all other health issues relating to obesity, or if you simply want to diet the healthy way.

We like to think that the foods in our supermarkets are better for us than those our grandparents lived on. Unfortunately the reverse is true – our supermarkets are full of products that increase our weight and our chances of diabetes, cancer and heart disease to name a few. We live in a time of unprecedented invasion of unhealthy foods, sold under the guise of healthy eating by modern day marketing and constant advertising.

The Paleo diet   discourages the eating of grains, legumes, vegetable oils, sugar, dairy products and all other foods containing preservatives. It is based on the relatively primitive diet from days of long ago. We know that modern day foods use highly refined ingredients that include vegetable oils, refined sugars and flours, and preservatives. And we also know that many digestive disorders are the result of eating these wrong types of foods. In many countries we hear of the increase of obesity  and diabetes – diseases we saw or heard little about fifty years ago.

Today you can walk around any city in the western world and see countless numbers of obese people. If asked, I would guess that if they were honest with themselves they would say they  are not happy with the way they look and feel. Today the public is well aware of the risks faced with obesity. Magazine articles and television all do their bit to promote healthy diets and give factual information about the risks involved but unfortunately, the unhealthy food manufacturers use the same mediums to promote their products, often negating the good work of health advocates.

My message to people facing obesity is, you don’t have to be overweight, you can change. Here at Creating Lifestyle we can introduce you to a number of known ways of reducing weight. The Paleo diet will suit many, but not all. However, don’t dismiss it before you Click here    and learn more.

To create some balance I’ll be introducing you to a few weight reducing books. This one – the Bikini Model Cookbook , mostly focused on women’s weight loss, has been created by a model who experienced problems with what she thought was a healthy lifestyle only to find that some of those foods were harming her. The healthy tasty recipes can make dieting a joy.

Taking Action If you are overweight and really want to change, start slow. Make a conscious effort to have smaller helpings, use a smaller plate, cut your sugar intake, eat wholesome foods, stay away from packaged foods, fast foods, white bread, salt, pasta, pastry goods and, little by little, start making inroads into reducing or eliminating them altogether.

The average female requires about 2000 calories a day while the male needs about 2300. Just by reducing that by 500 calories a day with smaller servings should see you lose several pounds/kilograms over the next few months. It is far better to lose slowly as you recreate your lifestyle – losing slowly but steadily will improve your chances of keeping it off.

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