How to Succeed on a Shoestring


How to Succeed on a Shoestring  is an e-book, available on  

When I first set about writing this short book my idea was, creating the lifestyle I wanted, why should a person interested in getting ahead have to spend huge sums of money looking for ways to do so? All too often we are inundated with promises of how to make large amounts of money online; unrealistic promises that are more often than not, unachievable and unsustainable. In so many of these cases the only one actually making money is the self-styled guru responsible for the program in the first place.

How to Succeed on a Shoestring sells at 99c. Yes, that’s right, only 99 cents and I don’t make promises. Why? Because I cannot guarantee that you will think and act in the same way as I do.

The book is designed to help you think outside of the box, to look for and recognise things that will interest you enough to want to investigate them further and so help move your life forward in a direction that is both pleasing to you and one you know you have the skills and ability to pursue and do well at.


How to Succeed on a Shoestring

But you have to put in the effort; no one else can do it for you. What I can say is if you apply the principles from this book, you will recognise the sense in what the information is saying and that it is worth far more than the 99 cents you will pay for it. This is how you will see the book on Amazon and the link to take you directly to it Amazon  Also the highlight word Amazon at the beginning will do the same.

I really hope you will get massive amounts from reading this book of about 51 pages.

Let me know how you get on, would love to hear from you.

To your success

Mike C. Smith

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