Interview with Amelie Rose, romance author.

I have with me Amelie Rose, author of romance stories such as Love Child, Mirror Image, The Duchess’ Diary and numerous short stories
Welcome Amelie, to

Q:  Tell us, when did you first become interested in writing?

A:   Hello Mike and thank you for this opportunity to chat. I have been writing fairly seriously since my early teens. My first publication was in my college year book. Actually it was a poem and I have never continued with poetry but I got the bug for writing short stories when I won a school essay competition. Later I changed the essay into a short story after reading an article in one of my mother’s writing magazines.  I still have that magazine.

Q:  You recently had a novel published on Was this your first novel?

A:  Yes, Love Child was my first attempt at full-length fiction – well, no actually, that’s not quite true. I did write one years ago on my first ever computer – it was a DOS and we used those funny floppy discs.  Well, I lost the manuscript when the computer crashed – and the floppy I’d saved it on vanished. I still live in hope that one day it will turn up in a box somewhere. It’s probably nowhere near publishable but it’s still my first attempt.

Q:  I have read all three of your books and enjoyed each of them. You have published them all as ebooks and also self-published them on . Can you tell us why you chose these methods rather than traditional publishing?

A:  I’m glad you liked my books. Traditional publishing is not that easy to break into, at least judging from the  experience of people I have spoken to and some I have read about. Until the morning I woke up wondering what on earth I was doing with a job, when all I really wanted to do was write, I’d been happily writing short stories in my spare time. I knew from all I had read that the traditional route was fraught with rejection and I wasn’t sure I wanted to wait maybe years, if ever, to get recognized so I investigated other means and much of the advice and information that is coming through these days leans towards the internet and self-publishing.  There is a problem there too, of course, in that every other writer is doing the same and your stories can quickly get swallowed up in the avalanche of words flooding the internet.

Q:  I see you have recently launched Love Child as a paperback in New Zealand.  Where can these be purchased from?

A:  I keep a number in stock and these can be purchased by sending an email to me at . Or direct from this link at LuLu . I am hoping to have them in the libraries; I just haven’t had time to complete the paperwork.  Also I shall be in Europe from March to September this year.

Q:  Tell us a little of your background. I gather that before you began writing full time you were in the Real Estate industry? How did you manage to write during those years?

A:  Yes, I started selling real estate when we lived in the Bay of Plenty then a few years later my husband sold his business and we moved to Auckland. I worked for the Challenge Weekly newspaper for three years before I decided to return to real estate. My job at Challenge took me around the country a fair bit and I don’t really like traveling on my own. As for writing, apart from the personality profiles and book reviews I wrote for Challenge, my evenings and weekends often saw me at the keyboard, writing my own stories. Then, when I re-joined real estate I continued writing but was able to do less on the weekends because it was our busiest time. In the end, I had to face why I was actually doing one thing when I really wanted to do another. I’d enjoyed the lifestyle real estate offered, but I knew that at some stage I had to pluck up the courage to leave  and follow my true passion. So here I am today.

Q:  I see you have two short stories on that you have made available as free downloads.  What is the reasoning behind this giveaway?

A:  It’s encouraged. The philosophy behind it is that readers can read something you have written without having to spend. If they like what you have written then maybe they will take the step to buy your novels. It’s true that the free stories go like hot cakes. So many people have e-readers today and a short story fills in a bit of traveling time. I’m told these are especially popular with commuters who might have an hour or more each day on a train or bus. I’m not personally convinced about the value of it as a promotional tool though.

Q:  Your latest book, The Duchess’ Diary, is a kind of ghostly mystery and makes an exciting read and Mirror Image is a fun tale of a pair of look-alike beauties. Both entirely different but fun to read. Do you have another in the pipeline?

A:  Yes, I have two partial manuscripts that are, again, completely different from one another. One is about a group of middle-aged women, who meet on a coach tour of NZ’s upper north island, and the mystery they become involved in and the other, the one I am spending most of my time on, is set in the UK and France. I’m hoping to complete that while I am in Europe this year and I’ll be looking for an agent this time.

Q:  I gather this is a big year for you. Tell us about it.

A:  Well, I’m visiting family in the UK – my husband and I are both originally from there. Then we have some research to complete that will take us to France. But I think the real highlight will be our trip to Israel. It’s a place I have long wanted to visit and I’m really looking forward to it. The Edinburgh book fair in August is a definite must; it actually ends on my birthday so I’m excited about spending it at such an event and , in July, I’ll be at a lit fest in London. There are some speaking engagements but times and dates have yet to be confirmed.

Thank you Amelie, it sounds like you’re going to have a busy time and we wish you all the best.
Perhaps when you return home you’ll come back and tell us a little about the trip and where you are at with your books.

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