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Right Person, Right Job.

During a recent trip to Greece I was able to make some observations of its people and the similarity to those in other countries that I have visited. As an example, take a shop assistant or a public assistant such as you find in a post office or immigration department. As in every country, besides the friendly ones, we find the unpleasant ones, the power brokers; women and men.

Their job, these people seem to believe, is to make life, for you the public, hell, to intimidate and belittle you where ever possible. I think we have all come across these folk at one time or another; people in the wrong jobs who should never be serving the general public. This type of person believes it’s beneath them to serve; they want to dominate and are generally just plain awful people; a bad advertisement for their shop, post office, or any place dealing with the public.

The wonderful city of Athens has a major post office and, unfortunately, a person with this type of attitude/personality works in the front line. Naming her would be a pleasure but I’m sure, if anyone has used the Athens Post Office service and is reading this, they will probably know exactly who I am referring to.
I am using this person to make a point. It is important that the right people are employed for the right job and, given the right training, equip them to live up to the necessary expectations that make the work flow smoothly and everyone, customers, clerks and management, happy.
In a case where the employee does not suit the job; if the job does not fit with the lifestyle they desire, then they need to quickly look elsewhere to find where they will be happiest, in this case perhaps, working behind the scenes.

Normally a manager or business owner should have the expertise to know if an employee is serving their customers correctly and, if not, retrain them, find another position for them or, if it is obvious they are not going to change, take steps to terminate their employment.
So many times I see an employee who is so detrimental to the business they are working in because a) they haven’t been trained properly or b) it doesn’t matter how much training they are given they are not going to change. If they don’t like people they need to be somewhere else.

was at an airport recently and had time for a coffee and a quick bite before my flight. The young woman serving appeared to hate her job. She definitely was not happy being where she was, serving people, and  was clearly not going to be nice to anyone. Would I ever stop there again? No way! I don’t need a coffee that badly.

Last year I was in Brisbane, Australia, and spent some time trailing after my wife through what seemed like dozens of clothing, shoe, and jewellery shops. In every place we visited, without exception, the assistants were welcoming and friendly with warm smiles and great attitudes towards their customers. Clearly the right people with the right training and attitudes. Would I follow my wife on her Australian shopping sprees again? Most likely. It was a pleasure to see so many people so clearly enjoying their work.

I am into creating the best lifestyle I can for my wife and myself and along the way, with this lifestyle blog and other occupations, I hope also to help others to achieve their dreams and ideals. That does not mean we are all going to have everything we want when we want it but it does mean getting to a place where we can enjoy what we have and make the most of it.

All for now.
Yours in creating lifestyle.

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