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How to Cook the Healthiest and Tastiest Meals

How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes (creatinglifestyle series)Cooking should be fun, problem is many of the meals we eat take time and effort, time we don’t always have and effort we don’t always have the inclination for, especially after a hard day’s work.

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How to cook

Television, magazines, and newspaper articles are becoming  increasingly conscious of food values. More and more we see healthy foods being promoted over junk foods. Statistics from a number of Western Countries show a steep rise in obesity and diabetes as well as heart disease and many forms of cancer. (more…)

Eat to Live-Creating the lifestyle

Healthy Salmon Dish

Healthy Salmon Dish

Eat to Live-creating the life style

Western society is in the throes of constant change.

Today we have more resources available to us to create the lifestyle we want than ever before and its growing daily at an exponential rate. Yet where is the wisdom this Everest of knowledge should bring with it?

As an example, tens of thousands are using drugs that they know are addictive and have the potential to ruin their lives; and alcohol, smoking and processed foods containing ingredients not designed for the consumer’s good health. All too often these addictions also affect the lives of those around the addict, in particular those who care for them, their families and friends.

Smoking we know for certain is the cause of many forms of cancer; it can damage the heart and block arteries and, as a result, suck out the quality of the user’s life. It also ages the person externally, at a much faster rate than for those who do not indulge.

Highly processed food, foods high in sugar, fat and preservatives will, over time, add unwanted weight bringing with it the risk of diabetes, cancers, strokes, and heart disease.

Warnings against the use of unhealthy substances are there for us all to see, read about, be told, and understand. Wherever we look, the good advice and warnings are there to educate us yet, in the US, the world’s most powerful nation, it is estimated that half of their population will have some form of diabetes by the year 2020. Currently, in the US, one in five are estimated to have the disease; a horrific statistic.

Can this be avoided? Is it possible to turn the tide? Fortunately, often, the answer is Yes! But while it’s possible, it does mean recreating (or at least tweaking) the lifestyle that you lead.

Habits are things formed over  time, usually by the lifestyle we were brought up in; sometimes thrust upon us by others; and sometimes by ourselves (choice).

For instance you choose to take drugs, smoke, eat the wrong foods; just as you choose good things like exercise and eating good foods.

If you are a smoker or a drug taker then you need to choose to give them up, knowing that these activities are a great risk to your health.

‘Eat to Live’ is the title of this article. It’s what you eat that has a pretty big say in how long you will live and the quality of that living. Recent studies on foods and herbs show the amazing properties that nature produces and it’s these that I’ll mention here.

Herbs: Did you know that many of the herbs readily available in our green grocery shops and supermarkets contain an abundance of health related goodies?

Take for instance the herb ‘Turmeric.’ This herb has anti-inflammatory properties; helps control certain cancers and Alzheimer disease. It also has natural antiseptic and antibacteria for cuts and burns and helps fight against breast cancer, melanoma and childhood leukaemia. It’s a liver detox, slows the onset of multiple sclerosis and is a natural painkiller. The Chinese use it for treating depression skin repair. This is one amazing plant!

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My recipe of the week is this Tuna Salad. It’s an exceptionally tasty meal that I know you are going to enjoy.

Best Salad

Best Salad

You may not have all the ingredients but use what you have it can be varied. This salad as shown above is very high in vitamin C and a very healthy meal besides tasting really great. Increase the amounts of ingredients as required. This salad was made for two. INGREDIENTS:

1 small tin of tuna 8 lettuce leaves
1 carrot (grated)
4 good-sized mushrooms (sliced)
8 cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
1 fresh fig (cut into small cubes) Alternatively use strawberries or apple
20g of blue cheese (cut in cubes)
1 tbsp. of cottage cheese (light version)
1 tbsp. of sour cream (light version)
1 small avocado 6 walnut halves (chopped)
¼ tsp Turmeric
¼ tsp Cinnamon 1tsp Chia seeds (super food)
1tsp Sesame seeds
Pinch Coriander
3 inch of Cucumber (chopped into cubes)
Italian Dressing

PUT IT TOGETHER Cut lettuce leaves and place on plates followed by grated carrot, sliced mushroom, cut cherry tomatoes, figs, blue cheese, and walnuts. Sprinkle turmeric and cinnamon over these ingredients.

Mash the cottage cheese, sour cream, avocado and tuna and spoon on top of salad mix already on the plates. Sprinkle chia and sesame seeds over this and drizzle Italian Dressing around the edges.


The amount of blue cheese is small and should not affect those watching their weight. The cottage cheese and sour cream are low-fat and add a great taste to this salad.

While the avocado has oil (fat) it is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables available in the world.

Walnuts contain oil yet are classed as a super food packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, good for the cardiovascular system. They also help to cut blood pressure; lower cholesterol levels; cut the effects of breast and prostate cancer; improve memory and help the digestive system. PLUS it’s full of fibre and protein and aid in providing a good night sleep! That is an amazing food.

You may or may not be familiar with Chia seeds. I wasn’t until recently when I read a paper about it. It’s mostly grown in Australia, although it was first recognized as coming from Central America, the Aztecs. It is rich in antioxidants, has more Omega 3 than any other plant, and according to HealthWarrior.com (my go-to choice for chia), a 16 oz pouch of chia has the equivalent of:

Fibre of 4 lbs of oatmeal

Protein in 3 lbs of tofu

Antioxidants of 2 lbs of blueberries

Omega-3 from 10 lbs of salmon

Magnesium from 15 lbs of broccoli

That’s one power-packed pouch of whole food goodness, great for dieters and diabetes.

Health & Wellbeing: Post 1 – Fish Oil Omega 3

Salmon tastes great and it’s so good for you with Omega3 oil

In this the first post on a  series on health, we look at where you can find the best source of Fish Oil,  cod liver and the benefits of Omega 3

Fish Oil has long been recorded as a food that aids the fight against depression, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity etc. It is also good brain food. Recent studies show it as a help for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers by reducing pain and assisting in preventing the start of dementia. The study showed those suffering from depression experienced greater stability from mood swings, thus improving the lifestyle.

Research has also proven that Fish Oil helps combat the Dry Eyes Syndrome, helping to improve over all eye health.

Now, if you are thinking, `That’s for me,’ don’t go rushing off to the health food shop spending a truck load of money buying up all their supplies of Omega3 capsules or pills. Certainly this is a good source if your body needs Omega3 but a regular diet of fish, say twice a week, particularly tuna and salmon, will give you your weekly requirement of Omega 3 supplement.

N.B. Pregnant woman should read this link before eating Tuna and shellfish and always, always, when changing your diet, check in with your doctor first. The information provided in this lifestyle blog is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an a qualified medical practitioner

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