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Creating lifestyle e-books

Part of what Creating lifestyle is about is best shown on this page highlighting the e-books that we write and publish, some are for information designed to help those who want to forge ahead. Others are for pleasure, after all in creating a lifestyle that is balanced, you need to find enjoyment, and reading is one of the greatest joys. Lastly we recently published a Cook book, not an ordinary cookbook, this one… well look at the description below.

Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals

How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes
This ebook shows how good foods vs bad foods can change your life.
It reveals the value and kinds of foods that will enhance your health and wellbeing. The recipes in this book are made for busy people.
They take only minutes to prepare and cook and are healthy and delicious. They use vegetables, meats, and herbs that are full of vitamins and minerals and packed with flavour, for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are perfect for the busy person who demands speed, ease, and taste in their meals.
Do you want to improve your health? Lose weight? And feel alive?
The recipes and the information are designed to lower blood sugar levels and to help reverse the metabolism disorder of diabetes and aid in weight loss
Buy `How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes’ and watch the habits of a life-time change for the better, you will not only lose weight but be healthier as a result. Do it now. http://amzn.to/YWMKOd

How to Succeed on a Shorestring

How to Succeed on a Shorestring

How to Succeed on a Shoestring
Success need not cost a fortune to achieve. In fact it may not cost much at all in the dollar stakes. Many a tale has been told of hugely successful individuals who started with nothing and rose to the top. The richest men in China and Mexico began their lives in poverty.
This booklet contains some brief profiles of individuals who have made it to the top against the odds and you can too, if that is what you really want. Dream big and you really can achieve Success on a Shoestring. http://amzn.to/XH9W14

How to find a hobby and make money

How to find a hobby and make money

How to Find a Hobby and Make Money
With the recession hurting people worldwide, this booklet has been written to try and ease some of the pain. It will give you tips and ideas for making money from doing something you enjoy.
For those whose retirement isn’t far away there is an excellent source of hobby ideas to keep the days busy and interesting.
There is also lots for the younger person, in fact the information contained in this booklet should suit just about any age.Good luck with your future hobby.http://amzn.to/17Hrnm8

How to create a Shabby chic lifestyle

How to create a Shabby chic lifestyle

How to Live a Shabby Chic Lifestyle
The Shabby Chic décor style that has gained popularity since its emergence as a defined genre in the 1980s has evolved for an increasing number of enthusiasts into a complete lifestyle.
It has become a top international trend in home décor, supported by a huge revival in all things shabby, crafty, romantic, French, and vintage.
Over the past three decades, `Shabby Chic’ has become a catch phrase that incorporates a whole new range of ideas about old and antique furniture items, vintage soft furnishings and clothing, old crockery and curios, and creative art and finishing’s.
With thought, care, patience, and on a small budget, it is possible to revamp a fairly plain home into one resembling an English country cottage or French style maison and, for those keen to incorporate shabby chic into all areas of their lives, their gardens and wardrobe.
Does creating a shabby chic lifestyle simply mean taking greater care of, and spending lots of money on your home and wardrobe?
Of course, you will always want to take care of your greatest asset and your personal presentation, but creating an authentic shabby chic lifestyle does not have to mean more work and more cost. The beauty of shabby chic is that it’s easy to maintain, it need not break the bank, and that it is extremely versatile. It is also warm, inviting, cosy and practical, sweet, and gentle on the eye.
Shabby Chic reflects the simplicity, beauty, and charm of a bygone age, perhaps lost forever if not for us, its loyal and enthusiastic disciples. http://amzn.to/11idIM3

How to Write something interesting

How to Write something interesting

How to Write Something Interesting
The aim of this book is to get you, the reader, writing – now. Learning the finer points of putting together a well-crafted piece of prose can come later, after you have achieved a written piece in a diary, a letter to the editor, a personal blog, or a short story and have decided that yes, you definitely want to write some more.
Call this a practice run if you like.

And now, if you are ready, it’s time to get started. http://amzn.to/15nAiKg

Lazy Weekend

Lazy Weekend

Series of short stories
1. Child Genius
Some came back because of the great cuisine and overall good company but others left, never to be seen again at number 64 Dolly Crescent, after the humiliation of debating with a six year old over the state of the economy – and losing.
2. Blue Susan
Then we reached our gate and I knew the problem wasn’t back at number 48. The silence was almost tangible. Something was seriously wrong. I felt it in my gut, my skin, and even my hair felt like it had risen an inch on my scalp. (Based on a true story).
3. Blue Nose Café
That short fierce summation of her life had really got to her. Suddenly, she wanted to be here in a year’s time; in 10, 20; 50 if she were lucky. So she did the only thing that made any sense to her at the time, although those who knew thought she was completely mad and had found ways of telling her so.
4. A Cuppa a Day
`I asked him what nurse was he talking about and he said the one who’s been coming every day for the last month. I certainly don’t recall any nurse but I won’t say so; he’s been saying a few odd things lately.’
5. A Lifetime of Firsts
“This is all wrong. It shouldn’t be happening. I can’t do it.”
My best friend stood before me in the beautiful dress she was so excited about wearing, her face white with shock.
“You can’t back out now,” she hissed, probably envisaging her own big day as chief bridesmaid slipping away.
6. Book of Days
She was trying to make sense of the scene when the woman shook her head and turned to speak to the man, gesturing to another ring display. She saw his face plainly as he nodded to the assistant. There was no mistake. It was Michael and he and that woman were choosing a ring.
7. Ed’s Ghost
Thanks to her mother’s reminiscing she was thoroughly familiar with almost every photograph in the room. How had this one escaped its walk down memory lane?
8. House of Memories
Below stood her stepmother, white-faced and trembling as she stared up through round frightened eyes http://amzn.to/13ksHf7

Lazy Weekend No 2

Lazy Weekend No 2

Eight short stories by Amelie Rose
1. Friday Flowers
Stephanie turned the envelope over, in case there was a name on the back, a small twitch jumping beneath her right eye. Her hand shook as she fingered open the flap and pulled out the card, her eyes widening in amazement as she saw that this time there was a message.
2. Harry’s Haunting
I decided a good old-fashioned scare was in order but something about the intruder looked familiar and I held back. Where had I seen him before? And what was he doing with that gun?
3. Mum’s on Strike
No one else’s mother, according to her 13 year-old ancient, checked with parents first before allowing a sleep-over. That above all was the absolute uncoolest thing; it made her feel like a child.
4. The Little Black Dress
What she would swap, however, was the cheating rat of a husband who was having what he thought was a `secret’ affair with his ridiculously well-endowed blonde bombshell of a secretary.
5. Five Gnomes and a Funeral
Her eyes glittered angrily. Never again would she have to tolerate their smug pity. Everything was going to plan and there was just one gnome to go. She would have to be particularly careful when she disposed of that one. There seemed to be a strange air of watchfulness in the garden, which made her uneasy.
6. The Real Thing
A couple of weeks after that first meeting with Susie he tells me he’s got an out of town conference to attend. Well, I’m not stupid; I knew what that meant. What was the bet a certain female from his office would be attending the same conference? I was right, of course. She even had the nerve to mention it in front of me when she came round for a barbecue with some others from his workplace.
7. The Christmas Panto
Looking down to avoid eye contact, she willed the curtain call. Up until now her love had been her own very private secret. She couldn’t have made her feelings clearer if she’d stood on stage and announced it to the audience.
8. The Reading
`Squaring my shoulders I marched verbally on. As `Love’s Sweet Desire’ began to take shape my confidence swelled; but by the time Jarrad had thrown a panting Emily onto his revolving circular king-sized waterbed and stripped her down to her non-existent bra and miniscule lace knickers, I became vaguely aware of a certain tension in the room. http://amzn.to/13koBUt‘

The Duchess Diary

The Duchess Diary

The Duchess’ Diary – Novella
Melissa Holt is finding her dream job a tad unusual. Alongside ghosts and strange events and a handsome enigmatic boss whose very presence gives her heart palpitations, she finds herself enmeshed in a mystery that only the ghost of a woman, dead more than 100 years, can resolve. Should she reveal the truth and risk ruining the man she loves? Or will the hand of fate take a most unexpected turn?Melissa Holt is finding her dream job a tad unusual. Alongside ghosts and strange events and a handsome enigmatic boss whose very presence gives her heart palpitations, she finds herself enmeshed in a mystery that only the ghost of a woman, dead more than 100 years, can resolve. Should she reveal the truth and risk ruining the man she loves? Or will the hand of fate take a most unexpected turn?

Love Child by Amelie Rose

Love Child by Amelie Rose

Love Child
Amber Pascoe’s ordered life is rocked when Dom Brodie, who she had never expected to see again, arrives and wants to see her. She fears that he will use his wealth to try and take her son but when the truth comes out, she must fight against a hatred and deception that had once almost ruined her life and now threatens harm on a much deadlier scale. http://amzn.to/13jVsFa


The Duchess Diary

The Duchess Diary

Mirror Image
Indi Falcone, owner of the popular book store, Romantic Hours, is writing her own romance. But there is a problem. She is having trouble creating a believable hero. She sees Max Avery as vividly masculine and heroic but on paper he is anything but. So she has joined her friend, Diana, on a tropical island holiday, thinking a change of scenery might fix the problem.
A second encounter with the same stranger, who is not in a good mood (again), and appears to think she is someone else, does nothing for her previously calm and happy disposition.

Then she is presented with a striking look-alike of herself. How can this be? Ginni Hunter is a model on assignment for a swimwear company and her photographer is the same grumpy stranger Indi keeps having encounters with. http://amzn.to/ZB2MrY

What do you want

“What do I want to do for the rest of my life?”

It’s a question most of us ask ourselves at some stage – usually in middle-age when we are heading towards retirement.

You wake up one day thinking you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you’re in a rut, but how do you effect a life change ? How can you change your lifestyle and do something you really want to do for the rest of your life?

Inevitably, most of us will come to the conclusion that it’s easier to carry on the way we  have been going because we don’t know, or can’t see, a way out – a way to something better. It’s impossible to change a complete lifestyle that’s taken 50 years or so to develop. Isn’t it?

Perhaps not.

Picture if you will, a pyramid of people with the majority packed into the mid to lower part of the triangle. This portion represents over 75% of the population.
The next 23% represents those who have broken through the barrier and know where they are going. The top three percent are the determined few who have reached for the stars and achieved their dream. We are talking here about the average everyday Joe Bloggs, not the fortunate few who have inherited their wealth.

Oddly, none of this has anything to do with happiness or satisfaction. These sensations may last for awhile but, for many who have achieved, or are achieving, their life’s goals, they are no happier than those below them in the pyramid – their joy was in the travel to the top.

Please do not go away taking these percentages as gospel. The figures are based on informed opinion and study – no one can say exactly, but every country has its surveys and statistics and these figures are a fairly useful guideline, an average. The interesting thing is that this same guideline/average applies to most other areas in life.

Take as an example those at the bottom of the pyramid and those at the top. The `have-nots’ are far in excess of the `haves.’ For example, in the US today over 46 million people live on the poverty line and, according to the 2010 figures, 3.1 million have between them 11.6 trillion dollars. According to the 2010 Census Bureau, the USA has a population of  nearly 309 million. Work that pyramid out and you will see some common denominators.

The question is – Why the gap? What makes one man destined for riches and another for less?

Remember, happiness does not come into the equation. Happiness is a state of mind that everyone, rich, comfortable or poor, can enjoy.

I will endeavour now to list a few reasons for the gap but it will not be complete, simply because many will be classed as `others,’  those without a specific grouping.

The Rich

Group One:
Old money – People born to wealth; royalty; those whose families have for two or more generations reached wealth status.

Those who had a dream, who took risks, and worked tirelessly and determinedly to achieve them. A few did it dishonestly and some at the cost of marriage and family life. But success was their goal, regardless of the cost.
Group Three
Luck money – winners of lotteries; beneficiaries of another’s wealth.

Mr and Mrs Average:
The hard-working middle, who strive to pay off their mortgage and educate their children while saving for retirement and the life change they hope it will bring.
Group One:
Happy to be looked after by the government. Unmotivated, often of a negative  nature.
Group Two:

Trying hard to do things right but often luck is against them. Often discouraged but ready to try again. Sometimes find themselves going around in circles.
Group Three:

The young and sometimes not so young individual who wants to succeed so sets goals, stepping-stones to success. They dream of a better life ahead and know they have to plan for it. They want success and are willing to work hard, take risks, educate and motivate themselves, to achieve it.

To sum up, we all need to define what it is we want for our lives and look for ways to achieve the goals we set. If you find your goals difficult to define, see my next post in this lifestyle blog and some tips to help you form a new lifestyle.

Mike Smith

Creating Lifestyle

Introduction to Creating Life Style

My firm personal belief is that most people want things to be better than they are, in some way.

Some people dream of a lifestyle of wealth and all that it can bring; others want a simpler way of life without the stress of life in the mainstream. Some folk are creative,  some are content; a few are leaders and there are those who love their work while yet others hate it. So many simply put up with what life has thrown at them, marking time until they are old enough to collect their pension or some miracle occurs that enables them to live another way.

For some, their perspective has been molded by how they were raised and another percentage of the population are trapped in ruts they or others have created and have no idea how to get out of.

Fifteen years ago I wrote an article that showed how, in our minds, we are trapped inside a bubble. A person’s bubble is the world they live in. They can’t get out of their bubble into another better one because they are stuck, they are in a rut and they don’t know how to climb out.

History has shown us that our world can and does change. Unfortunately, too many times we have change forced upon us by illness, redundancy, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, war, accidents, to name just a few.

So how can we take over control of our own lives. How can we free ourselves from the situations and circumstances that hold us down?

Recently I read a book by Donald Trump. The title was `Think Big and Kick Ass.’ In the book he states, “It is good to think big. You will not get anywhere unless you create big dreams.”

So the first item on your agenda should be to have a dream and, believe me, you won’t get it watching TV for hours on end. That will only serve as a creativity killer. Try reading books instead – books that will inspire you and feed the creative side of your brain, teach you things.

Many great people have passed through this life leaving behind them a legacy for us to follow and take advantage of. They may have written books; created videos; spoken at seminars, inspiring us to dream and do great things. These are people from a wide cross section of our world and come from many different angles such as Mother Theresa, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Bob Gass, Joyce Brothers, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, and even Princess Diana who didn’t write books or make tapes but, like Mother Theresa, spoke through her actions with love.

What is your dream?

Far too many people simply don’t know. They don’t have a dream, or not one that they can believe in. They are like ships sailing out of harbour with no captain at the helm;  ending up wherever the wind takes them.

`Okay,’ you may ask, `How do I dream? How can I steer my own ship?’

Before I go into the first 10 ways of creating your own lifestyle the way you want it, let me tell you a little of my background.

When I left school at 15 years of age I was dyslexic, lacked self-esteem, and had no confidence. While I hated school I did have one teacher who taught geography and he inspired me to travel. Thanks to him and the many hundreds of folk I have met throughout my life, the education I missed has been replaced by life experience. Since a young age, I have been fortunate to have traveled around the globe many times and visited dozens of countries. I have read many inspiring books, attended countless seminars and lectures and, for the greater part of my life, I have run my own business.

In creating this lifestyle blog I have used my own life experiences as well as what I have observed from others, past and present. I hope you wil find some benefit in what I have discovered along the way.

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