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Did you know…

When we were children, we could eat practically anything, i.e. loads of sugary foods, fats and trans fats, and we burned off the calories because we were running, jumping, restless, always on the move.

Then we grew older; we kept eating the same foods and our metabolism began to slow. However, since we were no longer running, jumping and being constantly on the move, those rich sugars and carbs started turning to fat. Our weight gradually increased and, before we knew it, we had a weight problem. At first we ignored it but before long it could no longer be ignored so we began to worry about it.

In our 30’s and 40’s we tried dieting, with some success.

We began to eat more wisely and joined gymnasiums, or set up walking/ jogging programs that suited our busy lifestyles. Unfortunately, when we reached our weight goals we took our eyes off the scales and the pantry and, because we felt we had done the weight loss thing now, went back to our old habits – high carb meals and lots of sweets – the things we had been raised on and still enjoyed.


Healthy Salmon Dish

Healthy Salmon Dish

Time marches on and, nearing 50, our weight then became an even greater problem. The risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke suddenly loomed. But we are creatures of habit and, while feeling a little concerned, the effort of dieting again just seemed too much to bear so we looked around for short cuts, convincing ourselves that if we did certain other things, like take a short walk every other day, and reduce our fatty foods intake, we would be okay.

So all goes on as normal until the day a chest pain struck

Blood tests reveal a high cholesterol level and we are told we are at risk of the arteries around the heart blocking up. More tests follow.

In the meantime we are told to avoid sugar and fatty foods and to exercise daily – not just a 20 minute stroll, something a bit more strenuous is needed. The trouble is we don’t really know when many of the foods in our supermarkets have excess sugar or fats in them. Fortunately most products (thanks to government regulations) have the levels of fats, carbs and sugar content printed on the label but still the problem remains of what do we eat for our condition? We are told that we are at risk of diabetes and this could affect our eyesight and open the way to many other health complications.

Chicken salad

Chicken salad

They say that by 2020 half the population of the USA will have diabetes.

. To forestall something so dreadful, we need to do something now. But what?

We can start by listening to our doctors and then we need to recreate our lifestyle; to good health, natural foods this time we are not playing games with our health, we are here for the long haul. It is no longer that we just need to lose a few lbs/kgs and we’ll be right Jack. This time it’s got to be a life change.

Okay, but where do we begin? Maybe it’s too late?

It’s never too late to so something and this is where my book, How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes, can help.  But first, here are 10 tips and 3 very valuable links to the internet’s best sources of health foods and expertise.

Foods to keep you fit and slim

Healthy foods for a healthy mind


1. Reduce your lean meat intake to no more than the thickness and size of your palm and no more than 100gs for women and 150gs for men.

2. Avoid eating fruit in the first four weeks (need to cut sugar)

3. Eat as much dark green vegetables as you like (lowers cholesterol levels)

4. Avoid potatoes and bread in the first four weeks (cut carbohydrates and sugar)

5. Avoid processed foods (many contain too much salt, sugar and artificial flavourings)

6. Walk for at least an hour per day (can be spread over the day)

7. Eat at least one serving of salmon, herrings, tuna or mackerel per week.

8. Make use of the following herbs for over-all good health. Mint: rich in vitamin C & A; Rosemary: rich in vitamins C & A and minerals – good for vision. Thyme: one of the highest antioxidant herbs rich in vitamins and minerals. Basil: high in vitamins has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for overall good health. Parsley: helps protect the body from damaging free radicals. Also very rich in vitamin K.

9. Also make use of spices such as these listed being rich in minerals that help protect the body.
Allspice: rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, selenium, plus many vitamins. Best used in the last few minutes of cooking to keep food value. Turmeric:  helps lower cholesterol levels, has anti-cancer properties and vitamins A,C,K and E. Cinnamon: rich in vitamins and minerals. Oregano: used in fish, pizza, chicken and meat dishes; rich in vitamin A,C, and K plus zinc, potassium, and calcium.

10. Avoid nuts in the first four weeks and thereafter, walnuts and almonds. Limit the amount to what fits on your palm.

This YouTube video is an hour-long and for those on statin pills for reducing cholesterol levels you need to see this






Creating the Lifestyle

Creating the lifestyle

Nature has created the planet’s most breathtaking vistas with ease; humankind has had to try a little harder. Seen through an airplane window as a transatlantic flight cruises toward Amsterdam, there’s one vista that manages to combine the humbling grandeur of open water with the order, form and steel-sharp ingenuity of man-made technology.

Worth even the briefest of layovers in one of Europe’s most colorful cities, it’s not an easy spectacle to forget. It’s a wind farm in the North Sea, and the sight of scores of modern-day windmills whipping in unison against a peach-colored sky at sunrise is enough to arrest the imagination of even the most bleary-eyed of traveler.

The churning turbines form a stationary army of windmills.( Where’s Don Quixote when we need him? )

Old style windmill

Old style windmill

The sight of so many perceived foes might be enough to make that fictional hero retreat to his bed with a migraine, but that’s only because he never knew that he should have picked a more deserving enemy. The arms of these windmills are the wonders of nature wrapped around the benefits of nature, and they’re just one of the many spectacular incarnations of the future of renewable energy.

Beauty meets function

How can something so beautiful be so intrinsically functional? It’s hard to believe that creating art can anywhere ever equate to creating lifestyle. Human society has learned to be leery of anything that appears to be too good to be true. That old rule is rarely wrong, but in the case of renewable energy, these are functions too good and too true to be ignored. The wind and the sun are two of the planet’s most bottomless resources, and millions of people around the world are learning the benefits of returning to basics their ancestors never questioned.

It might surprise techies to know that solar energy technology and wind technology are thousands of years older than the actual concept of technology. How long has the sun been shining over planet Earth? How long has our world been buffeted by wind? Track back to the first use of fire, the first conception of the wheel, the domestication of animals and the many other advances since, and nothing predates the sun or the wind.


The use of renewable natural resources was once a no-brainer for humans; people have been successfully using the power of the sun and wind for thousands of years. How is it that humans have forgotten how to use the planet’s lowest-hanging fruits?

Easy is as easy does

The concept of creating lifestyle owes its roots to living by a simple yet revolutionary mindset. How can something so easy to do leave so many people floundering because they’re unwilling to accept that small changes can make enormous strides? Don’t be one of the countless people who assume that the decisions of one can’t rewrite the future for billions of others.

Renewable energy isn’t just one way; it’s the only way. While it’s easy to assume otherwise based on questions of forbearance and faith, it’s fanciful to assume that the human species will flourish in the future without drastic and permanent changes in worldview. Scarier yet, it’s not just fanciful: It’s impossible. Where will future generations fall in this equation? How will they live? Maybe the question’s better asked this way: Will they live?

What works? What gives? Future generations are already imperiled by the challenges of a planet beleaguered by problems they never caused, challenged already by scenarios they were never responsible for creating in the first place.

The value of today

Take action now; taking action yesterday already bordered on taking action too late. Get ahead of the worldview that the use of renewable resources is an action reserved only for the learned and the scientists. Confirm today that the smallest actions of one can make a difference for billions of others tomorrow.

What about finding guides for using renewable resources for the everyday layman? These are more accessible than they’ve ever been before. Get on board! Read, learn, and join the most important movement humankind has ever undertaken.

How’s it done?

Go online. Get resources here, or surf the Internet for ideas. Solar energy technology, wind technology and water technology are no longer concepts understood only by those with doctoral degrees. It’s not necessary to be a scientist, a genius or even someone with an unusually good gift for recalling basic tenets of elementary school experiments.

solar powered panels

solar powered panels

Anyone can learn how to use solar energy technology. Anyone can learn the basics of the wind. Anyone can learn how to use renewable energy. Does that beg the question of why everyone doesn’t?

The Internet didn’t exist 40,000 years ago. There were no YouTube videos 40,000 years ago. By the same token, 40,000 years ago, human populations didn’t face extinction. Given all the resources we now have at our fingertips, what are any of us complaining about today?

The empowerment of now

It’s true that 40,000 years ago, bursts of ingenuity were limited to a handful of people; gifts were distributed only among those who could claim to have found them first. Groups or clans found their way based only on the inventions of their own residents. Has anything really changed?

Yes! Everything has changed. The planet’s population has grown exponentially since then, but the clan has never been smaller. Learn how to make solar energy. Learn how to use wind turbines. Learn how to start small for personal and global results.

Future generations will face life on limited resources. They will try to carve out their own means on more populated properties. They will pay more for sanctions now thought of as everyday necessities. Start now by incorporating everyday measures that will help them survive; face facts now, and allow future generations by creating the lifestyle.
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A Stress Remedy

Stress Remedy

All of us experience some level of stress, we need it to survive. However, too much can harm us so we need to stop the stress before it takes over and becomes a big problem.

Throughout history, man has searched for ways to find that elusive thing called inner peace. Unfortunately, in so many cases, drugs and alcohol have taken the place of more healthy and enlightening remedies such as various forms of meditation and exercise. A more extreme remedy might be to convert to Buddhism and go and live in a cave high up in the Himalayas.

All of the above, good and bad, will work momentarily, but drugs damage the brain, sometimes  irreversibly and alcohol, if not taken in moderation, is as bad if not worse. Drugs and alcohol can lead to violence,  drunk driving causing accidents, liver damage and death so any inner peace they might give will be very short-lived. A short-term fix from drugs and alcohol excess is just not worth the lifelong problems they are likely to cause.

Meditation is helpful but far too few use it, it’s far quicker to pop a pill or crack open a bottle. In fact, the time it takes to meditate effectively is not long, so those who say it is too time-consuming are fooling themselves. There is often the other excuse that finding somewhere peaceful to practice meditation is difficult. What about your own private bedroom? Put a lock and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door if there’s a problem with being interrupted.

Racing off to live in a cave high in the Himalayas could actually be your best choice. Lots of people are going on retreats into the mountains where they might not even be permitted to speak for a week. In the mountains you are closer to heaven, so God’s probably not too far away. The downside is, it’s cold up there, plus the food is toned down and there’s no company, or at least company you can speak to. As a popular choice we will probably have to rule that one out.

What options does that leave?

Well, here you are lucky because I have an answer for you.

Remember what I said in http://stressremedyrelief.com ?

Think of your mind being like a computer and you need a software security upgrade to tune it for the right results.

This is a FREE software upgrade to your mind, so what have you to lose? But before I tell you, let me mention that like a computer, which fills up with rubbish and needs defragging from time to time to get things in order, your brain is the same.

It has been allowed to become stressed and, like the computer, it’s full of rubbish and does take a bit of cleaning up.

So when you put this plan into action, DON’T give up in the first day or two, stay with it and you will cut your stress levels considerably and be a happier person as a result.

By the way, if you are smoking heavily or taking drugs and/or alcohol in any kind of excess, expect these activities to hinder your progress. Perhaps leave them alone while you try to bring your stress under control. You probably won’t even want to go back to them.

Just to give you some background, here’s a quote or two to get you thinking right.

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once said, “A man becomes what he thinks about all day long.”
And Proverbs 23-7a says: “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Back in 1957 Earl Nightingale recorded `The Strangest Secret,’ for his staff. A particularly pertinent quote says, “We become what we think about.” In other words, whatever we allow into our minds is what makes us what we become. Just like your computer – put rubbish in and that’s what you will get out; put good things in and get good things out.

What it all boils down to is the need to develop the right kind of thinking and guarding your mind to stop rubbish from entering in the first place.

Now how do you go about right thinking?

One sure way is to practice certain words in your mind and this is something you can do any time day or night. These are stress-reducing words and are no secret; they have been around since the English language began.

Let these words become a habit with you – the results can be life-changing. Here are a few:
Thank you; I love You; I am blessed; I am so grateful; I love my family; I am so lucky.

There are others but these are enough for now. One of the most powerful is `I am truly grateful for…’

If you stop to think of all the things in life you should be grateful for, you will need a day to write them all down.

You can see that these words are positive in every way and will, with practice, cut  the stressful thoughts that clutter and bother your mind.

Develop your own lifestyle and have a very good day

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