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Travelling around the Coromandel New Zealand

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The hills to descend into Pauanui  on the coromantel

The hills to descend into Pauanui

Today we want to introduce you travelling around the Coromandel  on the East Coast of New Zealand, visiting Pauanui and Tairua.

Pauanui is a resort destination with a small resident population, growing to double and triple its population in the summer because of its magnificent white sandy beach and plethora of outdoor pursuits.

Sheltered by lush green hills and bordered on the east coast by the Pacific Ocean, the small township is accessed via 30 kilometres of steep winding roads.

A short ferry ride from Pauanui brings you to the township of Tairua, a buzzing mecca for travellers seeking the gentle east coast and all it has to offer.

Looking across the water to taairua

looking across to Tairua

Photograph taken from Pauanui looking across the water to Tairua. Ten minutes by boat or twenty minutes by road.

The townships are approximately two hours drive south east of New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland .

In the off-seasons the two settlements contain jointly about 3000 people but this changes dramatically during the summer months and holiday weekends when the population more than double as holiday home owners and tourists descend upon the place.

The Pauanui  shopping centre and its surrounding area lies on fairly flat ground and has its own air field, catering mainly for residents with their own air transport. During the holiday season the landing field is in almost constant use.

tiarua small settlement on the coromantel in New zealand


Unlike Tairua (pronounced Tie-roowa), Pauanui was built later by the Hopper brothers who owned and had farmed the land for several generations and saw the potential for city dwellers to fly in and out and for those without planes to come by road and build holiday homes, many of which are vacant for the greater part of the year.

The beaches are a huge drawcard with their white, clean sand and startling beauty fronting the Pacific Ocean.

There is always plenty for the holiday maker to do. The active hiker can spend hours climbing Mount Pauanui, negotiating its steep slopes. The panoramic view from the top of land, sea and bush is breathtaking, but for the less adventurous, who still love to walk and ride, there are coastal walks and bike tracks.  For the keen fisherman, fishing along this coast line is said to be second to none. Many more beautiful spots to see travelling around the Coromandel.

The hills to descend into Pauanui

waterway canal at Pananui


Boat owners might enjoy living alongside one of the elaborate canals that have been carved out as part of the resort development. Houses along here are reminiscent of the Australian Gold Coast canals, where, like Pauanui, the rich and famous play.

Pauanui rightfully boasts an enviable sub-tropical  climate where palm trees grow in abundance, loads of sunny days and ideal summer temperatures of around 25-29c.

Tairua is just across the harbour entrance from Pauanui a population of around 1100 people during the holiday season can peak at 3000 or more. A little less than two and a half hours travel from Auckland city. Tairua is a peaceful coastal settlement surrounded by beautiful farm land protected by a range of high hills, the scenery is superb. Tairua has a supermarket a very good butcher shop, a number of cafes, hardware shop , hair dresser, spur shop where you can get the best massage, I tried this one and found it very professional, the treatment was excellent. The town has a number of motels and Bed and breakfast establishments to cater for your needs.

Next time you’re travelling around the  Coromandal call in at Pauanui and Tairua.

Healthy Food Lose Weight

Healthy food, Healthy living,Cooking healthy foods

This morning  I had my post op clearance for an operation I had last month to clear a blocked carotid artery. In the waiting room was an overweight mother feeding a one year old baby some junk food. The thought crossed my mind about this child’s chance of being overweight by the time it was old enough to attend school and its potential to develop diabetes as a result.

Best Salad

Best Salad

Part of my mission statement is

“to promote healthy foods for healthy bodies”.

Before I changed professions from an active managerial role in the building industry to an online researcher of healthy foods and healthy lifestyle, I thought I was in control of my body. How very wrong I was. Back then I ate junk food on the run- particular weaknesses being potato crisps and,  between meals, sweet biscuits. The weight, of course, went on and health problems developed, including stress and finally diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Fortunately, I came across an international health study being conducted by the  medical departments of universities in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Since being involved in that study, which is to last three years, I am no longer pre-diabetic and have reduced my weight by 13 kg. My maintenance diet is now high protein with a controlled exercise regime that will cut my weight further.

Smoke Salmon

Smoke Salmon

Eating that junk food took its toll. The blocked  artery, over weight and becoming pre-diabetic ( stage one of becoming true diabetic) was not looking good for a healthy future had I continued along the same path.

The main purpose of this blog is to show people a way to a better lifestyle by warning of the dangers of certain foods and the benefits of good wholesome healthy foods with moderate regular exercise. Because I enjoy cooking I have taken it a stage further by developing recipes that not only taste great but have many health benefits.

My first cookbook was called How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes and it is available on Amazon as a download to your computer or Kindle device. Also you can find healthy foods that taste great on pages of these sites:  Cooking Healthy meals for the Family  Cooking Wonderful Food  10 Healthiest Foods

Vegetable Pie

Vegetable Pie

Over the coming weeks I shall introduce you to some of my own recipes that are favorites of mine for both taste and good healthy eating.


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