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A Review of Vision Without Glasses

If you’re searching for a way to improve your vision without the use of surgery, which can be both harmful and expensive, then Vision Without Glasses program was made for you. Not only with this program show you how to avoid experimental surgeries to cure or stop the progression of a variety of eye ailments, such as glaucoma and near-sightedness, but it will also explain how you can improve your eyesight without depending on the use of glasses of contact lenses. Therefore, it is a truly revolutionary approach to achieving eye health naturally and by using techniques that are easy and straightforward.

The philosophy behind Vision Without Glasses was created by Dr. W.H. Bates around the turn of the last century. Dr. Bates believed that our dependency upon glasses actually hindered our vision rather than help it, and he developed a series of techniques which improved the way our eyes functioned and aided in the cure of several common eye ailments. Using methods such cupping, which is the placing of one’s hands over their eyes to remove outside stimuli, and relaxation exercises, Dr. Bates helped a number of those who suffered from eye conditions to alleviate or rid themselves of associated symptoms.

The reason that the Vision Without Glasses program has helped so many is that it employs Dr. Bates’ unique and beneficial techniques, and has taken into account that, for many of those who have less than perfect vision, prescriptive lenses act as a sort of crutch. Thus, your eyes do not train themselves to see more clearly and with more focus, as they rely too heavily upon the glasses an contact lenses themselves. Research has even been done into the effects of prescriptive lenses upon the eye, and it found that, in certain cases, wearing glasses over time will destroy your vision.

To understand the reasoning behind the Vision Without Glasses program, one must grasp that a majority of us are born with perfect 20/20 vision. It is only through modern day technologies and pollutants, as well as our lifestyles and diets, that our vision becomes altered or damaged. For instance, the glare of a computer screen or television set can affect your eye’s ability to function properly, and, over time, can lead to numerous eye conditions. Also, your diet greatly affects the health of your eye.

Vision Without Glasses is a revolutionary new way to revitalize and renew your eyesight, without the use of possibly harmful surgeries or prescriptive lenses. It assists your vision naturally, so that you can see clearly without worrying about the possible side effects that some other treatments may cause. Visits Vision Without Glasses to find out how this program can make a difference in your life. it’s all about creating the life style you want.

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