Love to Cook by Mike C. Smith

Love to Cook

What is it about cooking and baking that so many love it so much? My own personal thoughts are that cooking brings out your creative abilities, it inspire you to please those who you love to cook for, your family and friends. For me it’s more then that, it’s the taste, the colour and presentation of the dish.

When creating a salad the combinations must make it look exciting and your taste buds go wild. The salad below has the ingredients to create great taste consisting of 1 large Ice Lettuce leaf as a bed to place the tomato, cucumber, avocado, crumbled feta cheese, a dash of mayonnaise and a sprinkle of chia and sesame seeds, plus a few sultanas thrown in. The round pattie is a combination salmon and sweet potato mixed with fresh parsley, salt, black pepper and a dash of mayonniaise over the top, with a chunk of beetroot to the site.

One of the advantage of this dish is it’s light and healthy, makes an ideal evening meal, not too heavy on the stomach.

Salad with salmon pattie










A Starter
This dish makes for a light starter, create a bed of finely sliced cucumber, spread a mashed up egg with a little mayonnaise added over the cucumber, lay 4-6 anchovy around the base with a few added olives and finish off with stuffed egg tomato. it not only look good the the combination makes a wonderful taste.

Stuffed tomato

Stuffed tomato

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