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Sometimes you create a dish that taste awesome, and this Marinated Chicken Salad is one such dish. (serves two)

The marinate is a combination of five ingredients,

How to make a sauce

Tasty Sauce

1 tbsp of Oyster sauce,

1 tbsp of  hot chili sauce,

1 tbsp of brown sugar

3 tbsp of soya sauce and

four cloves of garlic.

Mix all  ingredient in bowl, place one half of skin-less  chicken breast in bowl turn over couple of times and place in fridge for four hours, occasionally turning the chicken breast over.

To cook chicken breast, add one tbsp of olive oil in hot pan for two minutes  and turn , remove from pan, cut into thin slices, add the marinate mix to pan, element at half way (reduced temp)place chicken slices in pan,turning over a few times, after five minutes withdraw from heat. As an option I added one chopped onion to the mix two minutes before the chicken finished cooking.( it enhanced the flavor beautifully )

Marinated chicken salad

Marinated chicken salad


The salad consist of a bed of lettuce on each plate, with finely sliced cucumber place around the edges, one cup full of grated carrot sprinkled over the lettuce leaves, two chopped up tomato’s placed around the lettuce with a few added cherry tomato’s to the side, chop up a few spring onions and scatter them over the top. Mix a little oyster sauce with water and scatter over the salad. Place the marinated chicken and onion around and over the salad while still warm and serve.

This combination won’t make you feel bloated, it is ideal for those on a protein weight maintenance diet,(for those on a weight reducing diet, leave the brown sugar out). Try out my Marinated Chicken Salad and let me know what you think, until the next time Happy healthy cooking.

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