Merlin Fraser author of Inner Space trilogy

You have no doubt heard of the books by John le Carré, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,’ or the new film of that title. OK meet Merlin Fraser, ‘Sailor, Oilman, Businessman, Writer.’ True it doesn’t seem to have the same magical ring to it but that is the route I took from school to author. Not the most direct path I’ll grant you but one that has given me the experiences and the courage to turn a vague dream into a passion and beyond.
I have always been interested in the mysterious paranormal world and have sought to find explanations for many of the claims made for things that have happened. For example, ‘out of body or near death’ experiences, simply put there are just far too many examples on record to be dismissed.
Just recently science is starting to admit just how little we really know about the inner workings of the human brain and the mind. Divided into the conscious and subconscious they have finally proved by experiment that our subconscious mind plays a far more important role in our day to day lives than previously thought. So it maybe just possible that my stories will take you back to where we lost faith in our true subconscious abilities.

My books are a trilogy of murder mysteries under the INNER SPACE banner, why Inner Space and is there a link? Indeed there is, within my stories you will find an underlying paranormal theme, however this is more from a scientific than the spiritual standpoint of view, but I do explore and use both sides.
The title Inner Space alludes to the inner space of the human mind and in the stories I explore the hidden powers of our mind which through lack of use I believe have been lost over the centuries but merely lay dormant just below the surface of us all. I know that science has been used to investigate such things and for the most part failed to reach any definitive conclusions but what if they are trying too hard ?
In Book One I introduce you to my central character. Take one well rounded down to earth police detective with his life and career in a rut he is trapped in the depths of his own private mid-life crisis and just going through the motions of day to day life. Now take this man and turn his world on its head with a series of cases that challenge everything he once held to be true.
Please meet British Police Detective Inspector Nick Burton as we join him on the very day that changes his life and his beliefs forever.
As the stories develop I introduce more characters some of whom you are never quite sure if they are good guys or bad, not that that stops our hero from falling in love with a girl called Jill with beautiful green eyes.
Together we enter the shadowy world of the paranormal, out of body experiences and explore the question of ‘what if?’
By book two, ‘The Reluctant Nemesis’ we find the newly promoted Nick Burton held back from going to his new job when a flu epidemic leaves the police force under manned. Taken off his own sick bed to investigate what appears to be a simple murder case Burton soon realises there is no such thing as a routine murder as the bodies pile up and he is left with the most unlike suspect ever.
In this story I explore the human minds ability to regress to past lives often with unusual or even dangerous side effects. Of course the underlying spectre of astral projection or remote viewing is never far away.
As we come to book three The All Seeing Eye’ we enter the world of the ‘Conspiracy’ theorists, who see danger in the strange symbols on the back of a US Dollar note and link these to the highly secret world of Freemasonry and members of ‘The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.’ These theorists ask are there direct links between these groups and those invited to attend the closed highly secret meetings of the Bilderberg group and are there ties with a new Illuminati seeking ‘A New World Order ?’
Not the usual stamping ground of a British police officer however, in what I hope is a thrilling roller coaster ride as the concluding part of the INNER SPACE trilogy sees all Burton’s worst fears coming to fruition and he is in way over his head in an investigation the facts of which, if revealed, would have his leaders bringing in the men in white coats!

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