Travelling around the Coromandel New Zealand

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The hills to descend into Pauanui  on the coromantel

The hills to descend into Pauanui

Today we want to introduce you travelling around the Coromandel  on the East Coast of New Zealand, visiting Pauanui and Tairua.

Pauanui is a resort destination with a small resident population, growing to double and triple its population in the summer because of its magnificent white sandy beach and plethora of outdoor pursuits.

Sheltered by lush green hills and bordered on the east coast by the Pacific Ocean, the small township is accessed via 30 kilometres of steep winding roads.

A short ferry ride from Pauanui brings you to the township of Tairua, a buzzing mecca for travellers seeking the gentle east coast and all it has to offer.

Looking across the water to taairua

looking across to Tairua

Photograph taken from Pauanui looking across the water to Tairua. Ten minutes by boat or twenty minutes by road.

The townships are approximately two hours drive south east of New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland .

In the off-seasons the two settlements contain jointly about 3000 people but this changes dramatically during the summer months and holiday weekends when the population more than double as holiday home owners and tourists descend upon the place.

The Pauanui  shopping centre and its surrounding area lies on fairly flat ground and has its own air field, catering mainly for residents with their own air transport. During the holiday season the landing field is in almost constant use.

tiarua small settlement on the coromantel in New zealand


Unlike Tairua (pronounced Tie-roowa), Pauanui was built later by the Hopper brothers who owned and had farmed the land for several generations and saw the potential for city dwellers to fly in and out and for those without planes to come by road and build holiday homes, many of which are vacant for the greater part of the year.

The beaches are a huge drawcard with their white, clean sand and startling beauty fronting the Pacific Ocean.

There is always plenty for the holiday maker to do. The active hiker can spend hours climbing Mount Pauanui, negotiating its steep slopes. The panoramic view from the top of land, sea and bush is breathtaking, but for the less adventurous, who still love to walk and ride, there are coastal walks and bike tracks.  For the keen fisherman, fishing along this coast line is said to be second to none. Many more beautiful spots to see travelling around the Coromandel.

The hills to descend into Pauanui

waterway canal at Pananui


Boat owners might enjoy living alongside one of the elaborate canals that have been carved out as part of the resort development. Houses along here are reminiscent of the Australian Gold Coast canals, where, like Pauanui, the rich and famous play.

Pauanui rightfully boasts an enviable sub-tropical  climate where palm trees grow in abundance, loads of sunny days and ideal summer temperatures of around 25-29c.

Tairua is just across the harbour entrance from Pauanui a population of around 1100 people during the holiday season can peak at 3000 or more. A little less than two and a half hours travel from Auckland city. Tairua is a peaceful coastal settlement surrounded by beautiful farm land protected by a range of high hills, the scenery is superb. Tairua has a supermarket a very good butcher shop, a number of cafes, hardware shop , hair dresser, spur shop where you can get the best massage, I tried this one and found it very professional, the treatment was excellent. The town has a number of motels and Bed and breakfast establishments to cater for your needs.

Next time you’re travelling around the  Coromandal call in at Pauanui and Tairua.

Top 5 Foodie Destinations Around Australia

Top 5 Foodie destinatins around Australia

Melbourn Australia


Australia is an outstanding haven when it comes to gourmet travellers. They get to enjoy a diverse list of winery products and food made to precision with quality local ingredients that are complemented by flavours from all over the world. Australia is laden with food destinations that comprise of regional restaurants, city hotels, rural cooking artisans and premium wineries. The Aussie culinary standard is top notch, making it another reason to compel more foodie tourists into its boundaries. Follow this food and wine trail to the best Top 5 foodie destinations in Australia.


· There is great food everywhere in Melbourne ranging from seafood to farm produce and from traditional to modern dishes and the good thing is you don’t have to go high end.

· It is graced with booming first class restaurants, cafes and a bar scenery with examples like the Vin Cellar, the Wat Da Pho, SIMS Supermarket, Jelly bread Café and the Botanical Restaurant.

· Fresh produce can always be found at the Foots Cray, Queen Victoria or South Melbourne Markets after dining in their surrounding cafes.

· Enjoy your food in different settings like cobbled streets, dark lane ways and by the water while still browsing the scenic view of Melbourne.

· It is also host to the renowned annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival held in March.

Margaret River australia

Margaret River

Margaret River

· Popularly known for its excellence in wines, it features over 190 wineries, numerous distinguished restaurants and producers that will offer the tourist a broad spectrum to choose from.

· Enjoy many wine choices and dishes from this region at the annual Margaret River Wine Region Festival held in the autumn.

· The splendid coastline offers an ideal scenery and atmosphere for dining out. Fresh sea food, artisan cheese, venison, beef, and olives are just examples of the culinary treat Margaret River has to offer.

· Tourists can also visit the Margaret River Dairy Company for free cheese making courses and tastings or the Margaret River Farmer’s Market to connect, try out and buy their produce on the second and fourth Saturday of the every month.

Barossa Australia

Barossa Australia


· Enjoy a foodie break in Barossa, the town that blends the European Heritage with the Aussie culture.

· It stands out as the stellar wine state full of stellar wine regions with wines as old as 100 years. Tourists can also cruise around these vineyards for an additional adventure.

· The rolling hills, historical churches, vineyards and a landscape of beautiful villages add to the gastronomical delight offered by Barossa.

Sydney Australia

Sydney Australia


· There are a great number of world class restaurants that feature local seafood and fresh produce with additional flavours from the world all over.

· Fine dining, casual eateries, local specialties and lots of street food are characteristics that describe Sydney’s gastronomy.

· Multicultural restaurants, microbreweries, numerous coffee houses and small new bars are conveniently spread out in Sydney for foodies to enjoy themselves.

Tasmania Australia



· It is definitely a stimulating culinary destination best known for its apples and locally produced saffron and truffles.

· Travel to Tasmania every December and connect with other gourmet travellers at Hobart’s Taste of Tasmania Festival.

· Enjoy Tasmania’s wonderful locally grown oysters while you experience wild trout fishing in the highland streams. Wild mushrooms, specialist honey, berries, farmed salmon and farm-fresh cheese are additional fantastic delicacies to be enjoyed by travellers.

· Tourists can also take delight in cooking classes offered by the many local farms or the sensational fresh products direct from the farm.

· Tasmania also presents boutique beers, whiskeys and cool climate wines for enjoyment by alcohol enthusiasts.

Travellers can always book a dsa practical test and make it a worthwhile adventure of visiting these food destinations and experiencing Australia’s exquisite culinary culture. Create a lifelong memory by discovering the world’s best eateries in Australia.

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Top Reasons to Visit Australia


Top Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is among the most developed and wealthy countries in the world. It is the sixth largest country in the world. The land has a reputation for being among the hottest and the driest continent in the world. It is well known for its great and amazing beaches, ground water system, large lakes, unique flora and fauna and many other good reasons. The country is the best cross between the beach sports and the beach sports. There are many different reasons why one may decide to visit the country.

Australian Beach

Australian Beach


Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia

The white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water makes and create the most beautiful landscape in Australia. The beaches in the area give one the best place to relax and have fun. One can enjoy the heavenly sight when relaxing on the beaches.

Lake Hillier, Recherché Archipelago, Western Australia

The pink lake lies on the middle island. The water has a pink rose colour which even when collected in a container it does not fade away. The lake is unique because of its rare colour and up to now the scientists have not got a reason why the lake has that colour.

Uluru, Northern Territory

This is sandstone which is believed to be sacred and is a famous attraction in Australia. The area is surrounded by various and amazing nature that is unspoiled. The native Australians believed that the spirits still live in the area around the sandstone.

The Kimberly

This is located in the western part of Australia. People visit the area to see the coastline which is mostly viewed from a helicopter or a boat. One can also see the unique flora and fauna and also see the rugged landscape. This is a good reason why one should visit Australia.


There are many wineries in Yarra Valley which produces among the best wines in the world. The wines include; Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Sauvignon. The oldest wine region in the country is known as Hunter Valley. The wines are famous in the south of Australia.

Wilpena pound

The Wilpena Pound is located in the south of Australia. This is one of the main reasons why people visit Australia. The main activity here is bush walking and mountain climbing. There are stunning amphitheatres of mountains in this area.

National parks

There are many national parks in Australia and this makes lots of people visit the areas. There are many national parks which include; kakadu national park, great sandy national park and many other national parks. The parks are great and fascinating.

Melbourne City

Melbourne City


The cities in Australia are also a great tourist attraction site. The cities have lots to offer. There are many fun activities to do when in those cities. They include; Sydney, Melbourne and many more cities.

The climate

There are four different seasons in Australia. They include; summer, winter, spring and autumn. The seasons make the climate unique because there are days when it’s sunny and in other days it is snowing. This is another reason why people visit Australia.


The Australia culture is a reason for one to visit the country. It has more cultural and natural treasures. There are fun nightlife and festivals which take place all year long.

Native Creatures

There are different types and species of animals in Australia. The fascinating creatures include; kangaroos, koalas and wombats. These amazing creatures attract tourist in the country.

To access this country and enjoy its beauty one requires an Australian visa. 

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