Reading Without Glasses

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Reading  Without Glasses

It’s been a long time since I last updated this site but something happened the other day that made me think perhaps it will be of value to all those in a similar situation to mine. I’ve been treated for Glaucoma over the last three years; not too bad, two types of drops two times a day and a different one at night. That routine has kept the pressure down mostly of the time and I haven’t had any trouble with the drops other than that they make the corners of my eyes very itchy and tired. But, hey – I can live with that.

I wear glasses for reading and working on the computer; can’t do without them, or so I thought until I was warming myself the other day by our glass back door. The sun was pouring in and it was warm on my back ( May until August is Winter in New Zealand.) I stood there, reading the local newspaper, and suddenly I realized  that I was doing the impossible – reading the small print without my glasses. The sunlight was directly hitting the newspaper and when I moved it slightly it hit the shade and I could no longer read the print, not even the large headlines.

I thought this required further investigating so that evening I tried reading under all the lights around the house. It was hopeless – I couldn’t function without my glasses. And then a thought hit me. The lights we have burning in our homes are not sunlight – white light! Today we can have white light by way of LED lights.

Spent a few hours looking over the Amazon product range and found one that stands out suitable for the American 120 volt system  sells at $25.95 for a pack of six, I think here in NZ we would pay more, worth looking into if you have a problem with lighting in your home.

If you use glasses for reading, see if it’s possible for you to read in sunlight without your glasses, love to hear how you get on, leave a comment.

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