Saturated Fats Good Bad

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Saturated Fats Good Bad

Is fat our friend?
Is fat the enemy of all it surveys? Contemporary thought might suggest as much, but the short answer is no. Fat is an essential component of the normal makeup of the human body; without it, we’d all be walking piles of bones. As is the case with all other indulgences, however, fat without moderation can lead to unhealthy consequences.


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What do you need to know?

There’s been plenty of chatter in recent years about the nutritional values of certain fats. The good news is that the chatter’s all true. Fat can be good for you, but do you know how to tell the difference between good fat and bat fat?

Is fat our friend?

Fat helps keep our hair lustrous, our fingernails healthy, our skin glowing, our organs running, and our minds working. We need it! The challenge is drawing the line between good fats and bad fats. Do you know the difference?


Are saturated fats good bad?

If you’ve heard this term thrown around frequently lately, it’s because there are good fats and bad fats. Don’t think of fat as your nemesis; instead, consider the types of fats you’re consuming. Most fats are absolutely acceptable in moderation, but excess is never recommended. Get the facts on cooking oils, especially corn, vegetable, soybean and sunflower oils, and learn more about the ways fat can work both for and against you.


Where are your enemies hiding?

Watch for hidden sugars. Highly processed foods are sneaky sources of sugars and other additives that can pack on your calorie count without giving you any significant nutritional value. Watch out for white flour, white sugar and salt. When eaten in excess on a regular basis, all can contribute to heart disease and other health concerns. It’s important to remember that if consumed immoderately, even the healthiest of foods can add unwanted sugars and carbohydrates to even the best-intentioned diet plan.


Be nice to fat; be strong for the rest.

No matter what dietitians tell you, fat is not the nemesis of the planet’s fit folk. Be sensible about your diet, and mind your intake of processed flours,salts and sugars. When in doubt, limit your red meat consumption and look for a meatless choice; these days, grocery aisles are full of tasty second choices for meals that don’t feature red meat.

As always, moderation is a fabulous thing. Keep your plate full of dark, leafy greens, and choose whole fruits or vegetables for snacks. When it’s time to select meats, choose red meat sparingly, and get to know the role of meat in your diet and health.


Get back to basics.

Stop worrying about the quantity of food you’re eating, and worry more about the nutritional value of the meals you’re consuming. Holistic health is a work in progress. Follow this blog for more on staying fit and healthy while keeping in tune with your mind and body. Saturated fats good bad, understanding the facts.

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