Stir Fry and Crispy Fish


Stir fry with crispy fish

Stir fry with crispy fish


Stir Fry veges with Crispy Fish

This recipe is surprisingly fast to prep and cook and extremely tasty. Here’s a quick rundown.

Cut up the fish (the beauty of this dish is that you can use any of the cheaper fishes available in your supermarket or fish shop). Place the pieces in a bowl and add 1 tbsp of olive or rice bran oil. Toss the fish in it until all pieces are covered then put aside.

Crush three weetbix with a rolling pin to a fairly fine finish then add (and here’s the unusual bit), one crushed OXO or Chicken stock cube.
Place several pieces of fish into the mix, toss to coat and place in a hot frying pan. Repeat until all fish pieces are cooked and crispy turn over and switch off the heat, leave a few minutes to complete the crispy cooking.
Take all the chopped up courgettes, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes and place in a hot fry pan, toss and cook quickly so that they are still crunchy. Just before finishing, add 1 tbsp of a mix of sweet chili and oyster sauce over the vegetables, gently mix and serve hot with fish. A great tasting dish.

Cheese on toast

Cheese on Toast

Special Cheese on Toast – or Grainy Mini Pizzas.

Something as simple as cheese on toast can have color and added taste. This recipe calls for whole grain bread toasted one side then turned over, add cheese and sprinkle over some chopped up red and green bell peppers and one small courgette. Place under a hot grill until cheese is about to turn a golden brown, remove and eat hot. Quick and tasty. Kids will love it and they won’t even realize they’re eating the grainy bread they usually turn their noses up at – the graininess gives them a more crispy option.


Mini Pizza

Mini Pizza

Mini Pizzas

Sometimes occasion calls for something light and tasty, say for lunch or a snack. Have in your freezer some sheets of puff pastry. For the five in the photo I used two sheets of puff pastry. Thaw them and have two round containers, one slightly smaller then the other (about 4-5 in across). Using the larger one, place it on the first pastry sheet and cut around it then put the cut out round on a greased baking tray. Now take the smaller ring and cut around it being sure to cut only part way into the pastry. Place the filling ingredients inside the smaller circle. When baking, the outer edge will raise up, holding the pizza topping in position. The topping can be whatever you have on hand, that’s the beauty of snacks. On these I have used cream of sweetcorn mixed with a little cheese, tomato on top with a sprinkle of grated cheese, and a little oyster sauce to finish off. Total time including prep and baking about 20 minutes.

If you have a favorite snack, send me the recipe and I will include it in my up coming recipes with your name on it. Keep in mind color and healthy foods as that is what we are trying to promote.

Hope you enjoy trying these dishes, happy cooking.

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