Time For The Spring Cleaning Of Your Organism

Detox Your Body for Better Health

Spring is the right time to get rid of toxins that have built up in your organism during the winter. The detox treatment is necessary to cleanse your body and skin. Although it is maybe to improbable to expect that all bad things in your will be eradicated at least you will take care of yourself during this process, and here are a few expert advises how to achieve that.

The most important thing is that you need to take care of what you eat and your lifestyle, and the treatments can contribute to cleaning your organism from toxins.

What doctors say

Many doctors advise: “Detoxification in the organism is done spontaneously. People have started making a business out of it. But, if we want to make the organism function properly, first of all we need to take care of it ourselves. The food the organism has digested, is thrown out through the kidneys, liver, feces and skin. There is too much of a hustle around it usually, but that is really not necessary. If a man takes in enough liquid, that is the best detox. Taking in two glasses of pure water before breakfast, two before lunch and two before dinner makes the organism do detox perfectly“.

healthy foodIf a person doesn’t smoke (over 7000 toxins have been found in a cigarette), coffee which is also not desirable, as well as other harmful foods and drinks, the organism will not have any problems with toxins. The supreme detox is when you take in enough fruit and vegetable and liquid too. Around 600 grams of fruit a day (two before each meal), 300 grams of vegetables and take care that you don’t mix fresh fruit and vegetables during one meal, that is perfectly fine for a natural detoxification of the organism.

The detox treatment should not be a business, which is very popular in the last few years. A healthy diet and healthy way of living leads to a healthy organism without too many toxins. If you want to contribute natural detox, then the best thing you can do is to consume fruit the whole day, once a week. Don’t eat any other food that day. The most beautiful women in the world eat that way and that is, with enough liquid and avoiding harmful foods and drinks, enough for health.

On the other hand, many nutritionists think that the term “detox” is used a bit to lightly.

Without expert help and centers that are specialized for those treatments, you shouldn’t use anything else. For the general health of the organism the most important thing is good eating, a lot of walking and regular physical activity. If your organism is already full of toxins, that is treated only by products that are meant for that. So because of that, terms like “home detox” and similar ones, don’t really exist.

So, after reading this text it is up to you to determine who you will trust, whether it is the doctors or the nutritionists. We hope we helped you in understanding detoxification to some degree.

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By Milan Budimkic

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