To Believe the Unlbelieveable- Quantum Physics

On the 5th April I arrived back in England from New Zealand. It was my first visit since Spring 2007, just before the worldwide recession set in. Often when I travel, I pick up a bug or two and this trip was no exception. I had barely tuched down when I caught a cold. A bad one. On the Sunday night I had worried everyone so much they sent for a doctor. What an amazing service. The doctor not only prescribed a treatment of steroids and antibiotics but he provided them on the spot. On a Sunday night!
Now, back to the reason for this post. When I’m ill my mind tends to think differently.
Let me explain: When I’m ill a single word can breed a story in my mind and within minutes I can tell you a story that could go to print if I ever had the time to write it down. No kidding. Strangely, these stories nearly always involve war and treason.
Why is that? I have no idea but I do know that certain illnesses seem to have the power to open my mind to things, creatures, colours, foreign to anything I am normally familiar with.
In this most recent sick period I saw colours emerge from the mouths of creatures I could never have imagined and, although the creatures were ferocious to behold, the colours were of unimaginable beauty.
My very best half-awake dream while ill was flying like a seagull, swooping and gliding through the valleys and over beautiful hills and landscapes with not a care in the world. That dream is a few years old now but the memory of it stays with me, was that maybe astro-travel? I like to think it might have been.
This leads me to the training I’m currently doing with Mark Ling of on developing affiliate marketing. It’s really about getting your web site to work well. On his forum he was giving instances of web sites. One in particular caught my attention. You’ll find it at  Now let me say I know very little about this guy Burt Goldman who is now about 84 years old, or about his lifestyle program. But I did Google him for this lifestyle blog and researched him by other means and I have signed up for the free information videos to find out more. Why, you may ask? Well, how often do you come across an 84 year old who can turn his mind to do practically anything he wishes and does an excellent job of it. Plus quantum physics interest me.
The question is, do you believe quantum jumping is possible? And what about astro travel?

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