Weighing up being Over Weight

Being overweight

This isn’t something that happens over night, it’s been a gradual climb adding a little here and a little there and, before you know it, you are no longer that slim  person you used to be. I know because it happened to me. It all started a few years back when I no longer had to run around seeing staff and clients all over the city, burning up energy and thinking I was leading a fairly healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating

As time went by my business began to expand and my time was demanded in the office more and more. I failed to notice that my stomach was slowly getting larger. I’m not one to look at myself in the mirror much at all so I suppose I turned a blind eye to the change.

However, one can’t bury one’s head in the sand forever and one day it hit me. I had a pot belly. And I’m not even a beer drinker. I quickly found out that getting rid of a fat belly at my age (mature) was not something that could be done easily. In fact I was told that it was likely to take as many months or years as it took to put it on, to get it off.

Doing some research

I soon found out that I posed a risk of getting diabetes or having a stroke. Needless to say, having done the research I was not about to leave it there. Something had to be done, even though I knew it was going to take a long time.
I went back to the computer and searched Google to see what I could find. You may have done the same and you will know that you soon find loads of sites promising you will lose that belly fat in 10 days or whatever number they came up with. What a load of rubbish, you simply can’t get rid of  belly fat with pills, diet or even exercise, unless you are young and then it’s unlikely you have a big tummy anyway.

Salmon and brocoli

Salmon and brocoli

Research soon made me realise that an immediate life change was required. I would need to exercise regularly, at least a 30 minute walk each day, as a minimum and change my eating habits.

For me the decision was easy. I simply had no choice. It was either change, or risk diabetes or worse.

I’ve always been a relatively fit person and yet I found myself in this position. I told myself it simply wouldn’t do, I needed to change.

I researched cholesterol

Also foods and herbs that would help lower my weight and reduce blood sugar levels and high cholesterol levels. I did not mention that after having some blood tests my doctor said I was bordering on diabetes. What a wake up call that was.

I’ve always been into cooking, and to learn new ways of doing meals and changing recipes, I’d take on the challenge with a renewed enthusiasm for something I really enjoy doing.

One of the first actions I took was to change the direction of this site from being focused on creating a lifestyle to creating a healthy lifestyle through the foods we eat.

My cook book

How to cook healthy meals in minutes

My Cook Book The second action took several months and it was to write an e-bookHow to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes‘  now available on Amazon.com. this is the cover.
I had a considerable amount of fun trying and testing new recipes using healthy ingredients and each one is my own creation. Pleasingly, the book been doing well and my hope is that it will help others with similar problems to change to a healthy  lifestyle before it’s too late.

I’ve gotten a little behind in writing articles for this site as I have been writing another e-book called ‘How to retire in your 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s’ which also can be found on Amazon. (Get that bit of promotion in while I can)

One of the jobs that took so long to research was finding enough information on healthy ingredients, including herbs. I wanted to know if they would lower blood sugar levels or reduce cholesterol levels and subsequently improve my healthy lifestyle and that included eyes, brain and immune system. My next book will introduce you to the world’s very best foods, herbs and spices, explaining why they are the best and just what they are doing for you. I look forward to introducing it within the next few weeks.

green and coloured vegetables

selection of fresh vegetables

In the meantime, if you want a copy of either of the above books, just subscribe and when you see my email address drop me a line and I’ll download a copy to you.

Create good eating habits and live a long healthy lifestyle.

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